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This site is about many Fundamental Human Rights, but REMEMBER:
Without understanding and focusing, primarily, on the MOST Fundamental of all human rights: the one, without which, we could have no other —THE RIGHT TO BE, we can never successfully protect and benefit from any other Fundamental Human Right at all.
So, please, make sure you go to THE RIGHT TO BE and THE RIGHT OF RIGHTS to understand and protect our MOST Fundamental Human Right TO BE.

NOTE: Of course, there already exists entire blogs and sites that cover so many aspects of what is occurring every day. Here are only a few, randomly selected, for your consideration.

WE WOULD LOVE TO STAY CURRENT WITH ALL THE NEWS but that is not our main focus of this site. Remember we are about fundamental human rights, and to address them requires not being side-tracked as so easily can happen. Instead, we'll use particular events to make important points that will help us protect those fundamental human rights.

The work is great and the workers are few.
SO, We're just posting some particularly important news items from some time ago, but they are important to remember.

So many things that are aimed at destroying our society, (including so many officials trying to fight the good things the Trump administration is trying to do) that it is vital to fight for the truth every way we can.

That's why they are here.

NEW MARCH 20, 2013

First Charges under NEW YORK's "SAFE" Act

In the small town of Hanover New York a court proceeding signaled the beginning of a battle which carries national implication.

The first man to be charged under the new New York State's "SAFE" Act which bans the sale of certain firearms which function essentially the same as some non-banned firearms has brought the topic of 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights to the forefront, perhaps, as never before.

Real facts in the case need yet to be uncovered, but like other cases that still burn in America's memory, like the incidents at Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco Texas, once again, a law abiding citizen faces being labeled a criminal because he chose to exercise his U.S. Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and help others do so as well.

Like Ruby Ridge and Waco, normally law-abiding citizens who choose to possess the means to protect themselves or help others to do so have faced law enforcement officials who have been directed to enforce unconstitutional procedures the courts have called "laws" that restrict possession, use or procedures involving firearms.

It is vital to understand that the purpose of the second amendment was to insure that everyday citizens maintained the right to possess the means to defend themselves against their own government. Recall, through violent revolt, the people of what is now the United States, fought the armed troops of their, then, own government because of abuses by their government officials. At Lexington and Concord, armed British Soldiers sought to confiscate weapons from everyday citizens, they called "subjects", so those citizens we call "Minutemen" could not effectively fight against the tyrant of the British government.

When America won its freedom, our founding fathers made sure there was a provision placed in the constitution that established the recognition of the right of the people to "keep and bear arms" so that they would always be able to control those who held government office, even if those founders were the government officials.

Wisely, our founders knew from first hand experience, that, often, power changes people in a way that to detrimental to the general population. They recognized that a country "of the people" must insure that those people always have the means to defend themselves against those officials.

During the American Revolution, everyday people sought and kept access to the military weapons of the day. Knives, tomahawks, muskets, canons all were under the control of everyday people, so they could use them at a moment's notice to defend themselves, their families and their countrymen from intentional violence and death planned for them by their own government.

For those who think this condition could not happen here, now, the founders recognized only constant vigilance and preparedness could keep it from repeating. So, they made sure we would have the means, through the 2nd Amendments provision to keep and bear arms IF we would provide the vigilance.

If we fail to provide the vigilance, no means will help us maintain control over our own government. Our founders gave us the tools, if we give them up, that is our failure not theirs.

This is why this case is so important. It is about more than should he have sold particular firearms to a particular person and under what circumstances. It is about whether innocent individuals have the right to possess the tools to defend themselves and others and help others acquire those tools to do the same.

Virtually every person I know admits that they would want someone to come to their aid with the means to be able to stop people who were about to harm them and their family. When we are in real trouble, virtually everyone wants someone to come along to help keep them from being harmed. And everyone knows that means having a firearm available that is capable of dealing with the situation.

While those who wish to ban them can call them "assault" weapons, they are also tools of security and liberty. In a very real sense they are machines to keep you healthy, actual preventive medical devices. It all depends upon how they are used.


So, what do we do to help make sure such devices are not used wrongly, like a plane being flown into a building, or a car being used by a drunk driver (or even intentionally to drive into a group of people?

People who take actions to harm innocent others must be held responsible for their wrong actions. If someone sells a firearm to a person who, then, uses it to unjustly harm others were, then, charged with that same offense most people would not sell to anyone they weren't very sure were going to use it properly and not wrongly harm others.

But like any law, it only has preventative value if it is strictly enforced.

Just like Driving while intoxicated, if we really want to drastically reduce them we would make the penalty certain, swift and severe. If we took the car, no matter who it belonged to, how many people would allow someone to drive their car if there was even the slightest possibility they would drive drunk? How many people would find rides to make sure their car was not taken? How many establishment would make sure their patrons had rides if those who provided the alcohol would lost their car or face closure?

In closing, think about this: We have a tool that, like most things, can be used for good or bad. Considering that you would want an adequate firearm of any description available to be used to keep others from seriously harming you and your family





Today at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown Connecticut, a 20 year old young man took the lives of more than twenty innocent people, most of them children.

There will be much written and discussed regarding this tragic event but what will we learn from all of it?

We will MORN for the victims, of course, but should MORN, even more, for a nation that has taught its people to have so little respect for human life, especially our unborn descendants.

When you teach that our innocent unborn children have no value, and that it is even honorable to destroyed them, everyone learns the value our nation and officials place on all human life.

Many reporters and politicians were quick to say how nothing could have been done to stop this killing. Many blame guns. But this is only a way of refusing to accept responsibility for the conditions that permitted such and event to occur.

Certainly not all, but most of such violent behavior would not occur if men would lead the way to becoming a nation that respected ALL human life. When WE value ALL human life and teach our children about The Fundamental human Right To Be, we set the example of living a commitment to protect all innocent people.

Our children will not fail to learn this lesson IF we set the example and actually respect and protect all innocent others, and teach our children we must do this in exchange for others respecting and protecting our lives.

We all inherently know this, but we have lost our way. Several have said evil and the devil has come to Newtown, but we are fools if we do not see, he didn't come FROM Newtown, he is all around us, in the highest places, and wants this nation —and he will get it if we continue to sell him our souls.

May God HELP this Nation.

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AUGUST 21, 2012

Rep. Todd Akin

Name one thing Rep. Todd Akin initially said that was wrong.

AGAIN the Republicans are allowing, and even helping, the Democrats pick Republican Candidates. Just as they picked John McCain from out of the dust, now they manipulate the the words of an Honorable man (Rep. Todd Akin) speaking on behalf of unborn children, so effectively, that his own party turns on him.

By doing so, the Democrats get the Republicans to throw out their own candidate, giving a huge helping hand to the Democrat Candidate. How great is this. And how stupid and weak are the Republicans.

Unless the Republicans learn, quickly, how to fight, and stand together on firm principles, they will lose BIGTIME, and deserve that fate.

Todd Akin spoke honestly about one of the most fundamental issues of all time. He spoke with the purpose of encouraging the protection of our unborn descendants. But the vicious, unprincipled Left couldn't have such an honorable and courageous man's voice of truth be heard so they did what THEY do best: they changed the topic and attacked, and their inept opponents fell for the bate and turned on their own candidate and their own principles.

This calls into question: Do they really have principles?

This might have been a formidable election, but from the recent behavior of the Republicans, it may be over very soon, because true conservatives cannot get too excited about candidates who are not capable of fighting for the principles they care so deeply about.

Look at what Todd Akin actually said. He had explained what he had learned from information buy a doctor or doctors regarding "rape" and the potential of the body to reject implantation under violent circumstances. But then indicated that, if that was not the case, and a pregnancy occurred, he said he felt the rapist was the one who should be punished NOT the innocent unborn child. This is the part that the Left can't have you focus on. If you do, and they (the Left) allow you to, you will say, what Rep. Akin was getting at is true. And the Left knows they then risk people siding with politicians like Akin in the protection of our unborn descendants. That is, precisely, why the Liberals have to attack the first part of what Akin said and twist his words to distract you from the truth of his overall statement. How gullible are the Republicans that fell for this deception?

Akin referred to: IF it is a legitimate rape, and to make sure that all politicians will fear even talking about the topic of protecting unborn children, those who want to see us, as a nation, continue to kill our offspring, attack the idea that anyone would suggest that there are claimed rapes that may not actually be "legitimate" rapes. Falling for the bait, and fearing that anyone might think them insensitive, the so-call conservative politicians and handlers have joined in the attack of Akin, responding to the attacks of the liberals rather than listening to what Akin actually said.

What the Republicans are now setting up is the fear of any Republican to dare to speak honestly about protecting unborn children, and many other topics as well. They have chosen weakness and retreat over engaging and conquering. People of principle will see through dishonest words and reject them even if they may be the lessor of two evils.

The unjustified attacks on Rep. Akin provided an opportunity to show strength, unity , courage and conviction. When those who live by the rule of treating others in a way they, themselves, would never want to be treated are successful in causing their opponents to run in terror (rather than continue to stand and fight the good fight), evil is certain to flourish and the society suffering from such lack of courage and conviction will, without doubt, fall to the strength of evil.

There is ONLY one answer to such obvious evil. That answer is the adherence and promotion to the bold truth and the insistence that the standards applied to some be applied uniformly to all. In the case of abortion, those who practice, encourage and assist in it or in allowing it, would never want any other person to have the right to eliminate them from existence. THAT IS WHY we all know the destruction of innocent others, no matter what the circumstances of their creation, is evil and wrong.

Make no mistake, we have taken a step into a new era. The evil of the unjustified extermination of innocent others will bring an end to what we once knew as the United States of America unless we reverse our willingness to run as others fall victim to the brutal behavior we allow to occur.

The professed "War on woman" has been diabolically crafted to suppress any discussion of the behavior of women, particularly questionable or outright bad behavior that is destructive to others. The reality regarding the practice of abortion is that roughly half of abortions are, theoretically, female unborn children.

How is protecting them (unborn females) waging a war on women? The people having and promoting abortions are not willing to protect these females. Anyone honestly looking at this issue understands, those who want to terminate the existence, the life, of innocent unborn males and females do so out of their own self-interest because they want to do whatever they want to do and if taking the life from an innocent individual or individuals is what they feel is necessary for them to do as they please, they are prepared to take this gruesome action. What are we doing to our sisters, wives and, most important, our daughters?

It is the same old story. Those who want to make excuses for their behavior, or who want to avoid any interruption or interference with their life, choose to destroy someone else's life. Society suffers and collapses when they allow such flawed and barbaric behavior to prevail.

Regarding "rape" virtually every honest woman knows, more often than we would like to admit, women claim to have been raped to cover up their promiscuous behavior that would be considered unacceptable by family and friends, or to secure certain sympathy or services. It is also not that unusual for women to claim rape as a vindictive measure against a male for any number of reasons. We know this because women have come forward, oftentimes many years later with the truth that they lied, even after the male had served many years in prison for the alleged crime he never committed.

The naive comments of "rape is rape" demonstrates the real lack of understanding of this very serious topic. There is a gigantic difference between a brutal, forcible rape and a claim that one was raped when the women, who has intimately known a man for some time, and then, voluntarily brings him to the brink of particular action, then, on that particular occasion, claims she told him "no" just before completion.

Rep. Akin is not naive. Why did he apologize? He apologized, I can only imagine, because he is a sensitive man who doesn't want to hurt people's feelings, particularly women. But the reality is he said NOTHING that was wrong. IF YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN TO WHAT HE INITIALLY SAID, any reasonable person would agree.

Liberals have already won, and look for more of the same. Their goal is to distract from the truth of many important issues with their lies and distortions. Divide and conquer. And you let them do it.

In conclusion, We will sorrowfully regret not defending Todd Akin, who was speaking and acting to defend others; not only his descendants, but ours as well.

May God help us to protect those he has chosen to create.

December 15, 2011

Political Reform

Campaign Financing and Political Reform go hand and hand. Have you been watching the presidential race? Yes, it is already on. Candidates are participating in numerous debates. Already unbelievable amounts of money have been spent and much more will be needed for candidates to continue to run in the traditional way. But is all this necessary?

If you felt you were the best person to run for a particular office, how would you go about running? Would you have to raise thousands upon thousands of dollars or more OR could you do a good job of running by only investing a few hundred dollars or less?

Believe me, we have the capability to make our election process much, much more fair and accessible to virtually anyone who wishes to run. Sure, there would be many more candidates but that just gives us a better chance to get the candidate that appeals the most to us. How is this possible? Would you like to see a system in place that would bring greater access and fairness to the election process? Not everyone cares. In a matter of several days I will be adding a section on POLITICAL REFORM. If you would like to have input on this topic, Respond to: Dan@FundamentalHumanRights.Org

August 15, 2011


I hope you are all paying close attention to the news. As you see many of the things that are unfolding in the news, keep in mind the things you have seen on this site.

For example: When you see legislators casting votes based upon decisions they boldly claim "I decided" rather than based upon what the voters of their district have decided, remember: that is how WE have allowed our elected officials to conduct themselves.

In New York State, for example, Senator Mark Grisanti cast the vote that changed the moral position of the entire state, in spite of the fact that he ran and was elected because he vowed to vote against any bill that permitted the very behavior he, then, "decided" to voted to allow.

I haven't mentioned the substance of the bill here because that is not the issue. What is at issue is the fact that he has been allowed to disregard the voters he had promised he would represent. He did just the opposite of what they voted him in office to do. THEY (the voters) are the voices that are to be represented. They are the voices that rightfully have a say in legislation, NOT Grisanti. He is, merely, THEIR means of expressing THEIR voices.

Grisanti, instead, violated the public trust of those who placed him in office to insure THEIR principles were upheld.

IF Grisanti, and others who do the same are allowed to even continue their term in office, after so overtly ignoring the will of those who put him in office, we are only guaranteeing the very same behavior from any official we put in office.

Is there any wonder why so many people, now, find it worthless to vote? Remember, there are answers to such behavior, but if the people who have been abused and violated will stand by like helpless lambs being led to the slaughter, they will not only NOT have the government they say they want, they will not deserve good government.

As long as the general public see themselves as helpless, they will be (helpless). But, of course, all of this takes time and our attention, which most are not willing to give no matter what the cause.

So, what do those who will put forth the effort do? Understand, if individuals and small can push this nation (USA) in an immoral, detrimental direction, as they have, the same can be done by those who wish to regain our moral position and strength.

If the rules for honorable behavior have changed; if laws no longer matter; if officials no longer are required to represent the views of the people who elected them to office, then let us acknowledge this new reality, and play by our own rules. While mighty may not necessarily make right, might can make right. And if those who wish to save our nation (USA) and society from its greedy, unprincipled self would prefer that we all adhere to the well founded principles and morals of the past, rather than see them abandoned, they (those who will invest their time and attention) must, and have every right to, use any means possible to save their increasingly wayward nation.

Revolutions have been fought throughout the generations because fundamental human rights have been ignored. In many cases, the few lavishly provided themselves with benefits they denied to so many others. We are at a point in human history when we have the ability to see to it that the truth is heard, but if we do not support and promote that truth that right and wrong do exist and wrong is threatening to destroy our very society and way of life, then we become our own enemy, and will lose that freedom that permits us to create a government by honorable people.

So watch what is happening, and encourage your children to do the same. It is more their future than ours. And remember, no honorable people could take the freedom they have been given, freedom men have fought and died for, and give it away to those who will enslave the children for the rest of their lives. ONLY vigilance, intense and constant, can permit us to have the freedom needed to shape our own lives so that we can pass that most valued of virtues on to our innocent descendants.

That vigilance allows us to see what threat actions like New York Senator Mark Grisanti are to that precious freedom we claim we wish to preserve. But it only allows us to see that threat: It, in itself, does not allow us to preserve it. Action is required, and the only means by which we can actually preserve that freedom. Refusing to take the necessary action is to refuse to preserve freedom, and guarantees its flight.

The warning signs are daily in the news. Recognize them, and ask yourself what ACTION will you take to protect freedom.

Our suggestion is, in part, to stay with us, to help sharpen your convictions and awareness. Don't worry, we will be more specific as to what you can do to preserve those freedom that help preserve our fundamental human rights. However, the ultimate responsibility rests with you. If we disappeared tomorrow, your responsibility would not. So, don't run from it; embrace it. Know that it is that embracing, along with commitment and action that results in a honorable live respected by man and God.

Let me know you are listening. Dan@FundamentalHumanRights.Org

May 3, 2011

bin Laden said to be Dead

It was a sad day, yesterday. I understand how many people might celebrate the killing of who they believe to be a very evil man, Usama bin Laden. Certainly, the things of which he was accused caused great grief. What concerns me, however, is the apparent failure of so many to understand their lack of restraint may well cause this nation and our families even more grief.

The sadist part is our failure to see the sadness of the whole situation. All the pain and misery, all the lives taken, on both sides, are the result of people of differing cultures either being unable or unwilling to see solutions to our problems that would have prevented such needless human costs.

It is a sad day, any day we cannot find the right and just solutions that honor out interdependence and kinship. We share this world, together. And while there are insane people in the world, most of the great atrocities are not, in spite of what most would say, caused by insane people. Rather, many, who are arch-enemies of others, are heroes and patriots and founding fathers of people who believe they serve a just cause and a good God.

Rather than yesterday's events being a success, in the broader sense, it is a failure, as is the "wars" in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and as the events of 9-11 are all failures. All are our failure as people to see each others views and our failure to agree to treat others as we wish to be treated, rather than criticize others for their refusal to be just like us. Ask anyone who lost someone on 9-11 if they would rather have had us find some way to have brought about a mutual respect through understanding with those who felt compelled to punish our country on that day. It is doubtful anyone would not wish that we would have acted, with mutual respect) to prevent the loss of their loved one.

War, conflict, killing are all emotionally charged with hatred and bitterness. It is almost a prerequisite to such action to insight people to such anger, but, who among us would not have wished for mutual understanding and respect to have prevented such actions when it is ours and us who are caused to suffer?

For the most part, the people on the other side feel exactly the same way. Any time people seek progress at the expense of others, when they fail to show the same respect they wish others to have for them and their beliefs, the killing, the conflict, the wars are the result.

There are solutions to our problems that will not result in such needless destruction, but until we can clear our eyes, and see with honorable souls, we are destined to sentence ourselves, our children and grand-children to the horrors of misunderstanding.

There is a fine line between victory and failure, when we learn to see with opened, honest eyes, we see that failure is not necessary for either if we choose victory for both.

If, through the recognition of all these failures, could come together to honor all out loved ones by making the greatest effort humanly possible, to commit ourselves to genuinely see, it is still possible to end this self-perpetuated insanity, giving all who paid with their lives the success of mutual victory for generations to come.

I know you may not realize it yet, but that is exactly what Humanity's Torch is all about, and why I chose to give it to all the World's People. If we would have sought to learn its lessons long ago, it is doubtful so many would have had to pay so greatly.

— Dan

We wish we could cover many more of the current events shaking our society at this time, but, for now, while we are still constructing this site, we are going to have to be very selective. So, forgive us, for now, and be a little patient. The wait will be worth while.
In the meantime, spend some time looking over other areas of the site, to become familiar with our objectives and progress. We won't present problems without pursuing and, often, knowing the solutions; but we first must make sure we identify the core problem BEFORE the presentation of the solution would be of any value.

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