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The Poem and Art Work

Image of A Solitary Minuteman

A Solitary Minuteman
By D. H. Devlin

The Court could find no "assurance" the solitary word "person" had "any possible pre-natal applications", in the Constitution, and, therefore, withdrew all rights from our unborn descendants, but they failed to acknowledge other words, in the Constitution, that name our unborn descendants to receive the exact same blessings as ourselves.

A Solitary Minuteman
races ‘cross an open field;
The British guns ring out
as a burning pain he feels;
He crashes to the ground,
falling down a small ravine,
And while he’s rolling through the brush,
he prays, he won’t be seen.

His ears are sharply listening,
for a telltale sign of them;
Then, he, somehow, struggles to his feet,
and, he runs and runs again;
Through fields, and over every fence,
then onto the tall oak trees;
He knows, a barn lies just ahead,
“God! Help me make it, Please!”

It seems to take forever,
but, at last, he’s reached the door;
Breathless now, and bleeding,
he collapses to the floor.
From his knees, he tries to struggle,
for, he knows, he cannot stay;
But, now, unable to go further,
he crawls –to a stack of fresh-cut-hay.

He covers himself, all over;
his pounding heart to rest,
But as his heart begins to settle,
he feels the moisture on his chest;
Word’ring why he’s there,
all disheveled and all torn;
He thinks about his wife,
and his child –soon to be born.–

He’ll call him “Alexander”,
after, Mister Hamilton, of course!
Someday, he’ll look as dignified,
when he sits upon his horse.

Such thoughts bring on a calmness,
and a smile comes to his face;
He raises up!
and with a gulp of air, and a defiant shout:
“My son! Will Carry on!”
he falls back down, to his waiting bed–
And he wins! –his final race.—


Yes, it could have been at Lexington,
Gettysburg, Anzio, or An Khe;
Or any one of a thousand places,
in any one of a thousand ways;
But, all of them American,
giving life, for all their kin,
Could a solitary soul believe:
he didn’t care if “Alexander” lived?

Thank God! Our Founding Fathers knew
what they were fighting for;
From the moment of conception,
they’d give them Rights,
none could ignore.

You see: They protected their “Posterity”,
which covered “People” not yet born,
And they wrote it down in that Mighty Draft,
they said, was theirs forevermore. –

So, ask yourself this question:
Would you care if “Alexander” lived?
Being bound by our Forefathers’ Sacred Trust:
Will you protect them, the way they did?

And if it were your “Alexander”,
as you lay there, in some trench;
Would you, somehow, find a way to shout:
Let my son! Carry on!
As the Justices begin to legislate from the bench?

So, Countrymen, do not be misled,
by those who would cite, only, a solitary word;
If we are to live by “Principles”,
we must look at all with eyes unblurred.

And remember!
Often those who say they seek the truth,
often, only, seek the truth they seek;
But, if we are to, truly, seek the truth,
We, must seek the truth – that is.

–Daniel Henry Devlin

The People of the United States
have been told by their government officials that the people who founded this nation did not care enough about their unborn descendants to include them within the wording of the Constitution of the United States of America.

This is untrue,
and in order to let our people and the world know that our Founders, in fact, did name their unborn descendants, in the Constitution, to receive the same blessings as themselves, the Artist/Author created the poem and
art work titled:
A Solitary Minuteman.

Within the Constitution, the Founders acknowledged the fundamental human right of their descendants TO BE.

Currently, in the United States, our officials allow the irreversible destruction of the unborn descendants —the Posterity— of those who founded this nation, through the procedure known as abortion. Also, we allow the destruction of the descendants of those who fought and may have even given their life to keep this nation free. Even today, we send men off to war to protect us and the interests of the people of the United States, yet we refuse to protect their interests, their descendants, their posterity while these heroes are away in some foreign land defending us.

Only a completely dishonorable people would allow this to occur. I hope you will help me correct this deadly wrong.

I hope you will join me in this effort to expose the deadly lie being spread by our officials by acquiring and displaying this important work.


Image of A Solitary Minuteman

A Solitary Minuteman poem and art
(pictured with Deluxe Frame)

A Solitary Minuteman
Is now available for framing in a 20" x 24" frame
(frame not included)
Each is an original work of art on canvas.

From the artist/author's original pen and ink drawing, he uses traditional and digital techniques including archival inks enhancing color and detail, making each a one-of-a-kind fine art original piece.

Each is numbered and signed by the artist. The number, based on the original pen and ink composition, is limited to 5000 originals by the artist. There also is affixed a number indicating the number within that 5000 limit.

The number 5000 is not an indication that all 5000 will be produced, but is limited to no more than 5000.

This means the owner of one of these pieces is one in a million who will be able to own an original on canvas based on the pen and ink drawing. Of course, no one will own a work exactly like yours.

Some may be signed in paint or ink, others in pencil and some may be double signed in any combination there of. Additionally, works may carry markings such as T/P for technical proof or trial proof, AP for artist's proof or other markings. While a work may carry a number, such as, AP1 or T/P 5, each is part of the total number which is limited to 5000.

In addition, the artist is also the author of the poem A Solitary Minuteman which is an integral part of the art work but which may be produced on other media and in other forms.

Image of A Solitary Minuteman

This is The Solitary Minuteman in front of the Moving Vietnam Memorial

The Poem and Art Work A Solitary Minuteman is an important piece because it addresses the fact that those who founded what is now known as The United States of America cared about their unborn descendants, and, as we see from the Statement of Purpose of the Constitution of the United States of America, at the bottom edge of this work, they named their unborn descendants to receive the exact same "Blessings of Liberty" as "ourselves".

Currently, the descendants of those who fought and even died for this nation are NOT protected from extermination by the people who, now, occupy this country.

In addition, this nation refuses to protect the unborn descendants —the posterity— of those who currently risk their lives as part of the military forces of this country. A Soldier could be off protecting us, and while they are away, we allow the life of their posterity to be destroyed.

This nation, not only, allows this killing of the descendants of our heroes, it often encourages such killings, in total disregard of the Constitutional requirement to afford them the exact same "Blessings of Liberty" as ourselves.

The Constitution names two groups to receive its benefits. The people named themselves AND their "Posterity" which is all their descendants until the end of time. This means the Founders' children, grand-children, great-grand-children and beyond. They were naming their descendants that were not yet born to receive the benefits and protection of the United States Constitution and this Nation.

And, as this work indicates, those who risk their lives for their country do so because they want their descendants (even if they are in the womb), to be able to live with the benefits of the country they were or are willing to die to protect.

What kind of people would stand by and allow the extermination of the unborn descendants of such heroes that bought freedom for us?

Could anyone bring themselves to believe such a man would risk his life so that we could live in freedom, but not want their own descendants to be able to live in the country they fought to preserve?

This is why it is important to make sure that this poem and work of art are available to be viewed and known by the people who have benefited from the sacrifices of such men and women.

This is why we are striving to have this piece on public view in government facilities and in as many Veteran of Foreign Wars, American Legion and Vietnam Veteran Posts all over the country.

You can help by purchasing one of these originals for yourself, your community or one of the posts listed in your community. Or, help them acquire one so they can stand for the truth.

Currently, A Solitary Minuteman is available on high quality canvas and shipped rolled in a heavy-duty-tube for
$ 275.00 (US), ready to be stretched and framed. You will need to locate someone in your community (an artist or an art teacher, perhaps a frame shop) to stretch the canvas on stretcher bars and choose and acquire a frame in which to place the stretched image.

A Solitary Minuteman may be available framed through special order. Please email: Info@FundamentalHumanRights.Org for further information.

Detail of image A Solitary Minuteman


Detail of A Solitary Minuteman


Help us make sure the people of our nation never forget that the people who founded this nation cared deeply about their unborn descendants and required the people of this nation to afford their posterity the same blessings of liberty as "ourselves".

Destroying the unborn descendants of any of the people of the United States violates the precise wording of the Constitution that requires their protection.

My book, The Right of Rights provides much more detailed proof that the destruction of our unborn descendants, through the procedure known as abortion, is prohibited by the Constitution of the United States of America.

To acquire A Solitary Minuteman
and /or The Right of Rights
click HERE

On behalf of all our posterity, I thank you.

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