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This site is about many Fundamental Human Rights, but REMEMBER:
Without understanding and focusing, primarily, on the MOST Fundamental of all human rights: the one, without which, we could have no other —THE RIGHT TO BE, we can never successfully protect and benefit from any other Fundamental Human Right at all.
So, please, make sure you go to THE RIGHT TO BE and THE RIGHT OF RIGHTS to understand and protect our MOST Fundamental Human Right TO BE.


Is there anyone who would want their child to be denied a good and decent life because those who were in authority —who are suppose to discourage children from crime— actually encouraged your child to commit crimes?


There is a fundamental human RIGHT TO BE, and that right prohibits others from intentionally creating conditions that keep us from becoming a good and decent person. Those who create such conditions are harming us, our future and our society.

[Example: Someone or organization that causes a young person to take up a life of crime is intentionally creating a condition that keeps that young person from becoming a good and decent person; such action violates that young person's RIGHT TO BE.]


What does juvenile crime have to do with fundamental human rights? Fundamental human rights are meant to provide a certain level of protection from predictable dangers that can prevent our continued existence or create adversities that can keep us from pursuing an honorable life which benefits, not only ourselves, but, also, our loved ones, our community, nation and the world.

That is precisely why these rights are fundamental. All of us would prefer a life where others do not harm us or interfere with our goals. No one wants others to hinder our efforts at success. None of us want others to physically hurt us, causing us pain or suffering. Life, on its own, often causes enough of these.

The Right To Be exists to best assure us all that others will not cause us such harm. Of course, the responsibility part of these rights is that we are required not to harm innocent others. But, just as importantly, we are, also, required to make sure that wrongdoers do not harm innocent others.

Juvenile crime greatly harms many, including the young people who commit the crimes. The young person, who does not yet possess a mature full-knowledge of the harm he is doing to others and himself, needs to learn the lessons that will show him the harm he is doing. This is a fundamental right in itself — to have others honestly provide those lessons that allow us to learn how to behave honorably in society. Virtually all have the ability, and all have the responsibility, to help others learn these valuable lessons.

Serious juvenile crime is a failure of older people to successfully show the younger what they need to know, so they can decide to stop doing things that hurt others and themselves.

Yes, there is a fundamental human right to have that instruction available to us at a young age. Remember, with rights come responsibility. It is our responsibility to teach the lessons that young people, juveniles, need to learn, so they can become the type of person we all want others to be toward us.

Juvenile crime, in the United States, is more the result of the failure of the older to teach, (most effectively, through example) the benefits of good behavior and the detrimental effects of bad behavior. While most of us would do this, if given the chance; the very systems we have put in place to do this are intentionally teaching the opposite. The people who run these systems do this because they personally benefit by assuring there is a continuing high level of juvenile crime, significant enough to continue to provide them employment in these fields in which they work. At the center of this dishonorable effort to keep juvenile and adult crime high is a group that profits most from the continuation of bad behavior; that group, as you likely already know, is lawyers. They control the system from start in the legislatures to the end as judges in the highest courts and everywhere in between.

Ask yourself: What would happen if young people learned not to commit crimes as a juvenile, and, therefore, decided not to commit crimes as an adult? What would many lawyers do for work? Sure, they could practice law where civil disputes were at issue. But why do you think judges already award outrageous civil awards in cases we all know have no merit? Each time they do, they guarantee many other frivolous lawsuits will be filed, which, of course means: lawyers make money. Further, when judges allow court cases to be drawn out, endlessly, most people and businesses are forced to give up, and pay a large settlement price, just so they can get back to their business and life. All the time the lawyers and judges who are lawyers know exactly how this works because they designed it to work this way. And, of course, the lawyers rake in the money. They all know how the game is played and all of them profit from this system. And it is all made possible by judges, who are virtually all lawyers, who perpetuate the sham of a system they call "just".

What is important here is to know that these conditions occur because WE allow them to continue this way. We are to busy, and care too little, to see what is really happening, because we have not committed ourselves to seek, see, love and act according to the truth.

We all know, young people, often, try things and do things they later regret. Most of us have. Any honorable society, and those seeking to be such, must recognize THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT TO THE TRUTH; and young people need us to tell them the truth about the importance of correcting their bad behavior so each can lead an honorable life.

When people, intentionally and unjustly deny this RIGHT TO THE TRUTH by refusing to tell and show young people that their bad behavior is causing pain and suffering to others and will eventually produce a miserable life, they deny them the opportunity to change their ways and become honorable people. In essences, they sentence these young people to a miserable life of crime. Of course, this is exactly what many in the justice system want for our young people. Rather than have the system teach them the lessons they need to learn, they, through their actions, convince them that society does not care about them or their crimes. As cynical as it may seem, virtually everyone in the system knows and cooperates with this deceitful system.


The worst mistake we have made in American society is the decision to allow lawyers to serve as judges. The truth is: Before we can have a more honorable, safer society, we must correct this gross error. Judges must come from many different walks of life. They must be honorable people with no ties to the lawyers who participate in the cases before them.

To have this occur, it must begin with the understanding that those who make the laws (those politicians in both state and national legislatures) must not be made up predominantly of lawyers, as they now, overwhelmingly, are.

Lawyers know that to control the system, they need to have a complicated system that requires virtually all people, at one time or another, to be forced to hire a lawyer. Such complication of the law has been used in the past to confuse the people, to control them, to jail them, and even kill people who object to the wrong doing of those in authority. This is just as true today, but is done somewhat more subtly, but with the full knowledge of lawyers.


How much sense does it make to put lawyers in charge of lawyers? Lawyer-judges have a vested interest in making sure our "justice" system is complicated and UNjust because they all benefit by insuring the continuation of this system that hurts and harms individuals and society.


Under the current system we are not only failing to provide the lessons to young people that would convince all but the worst to change their ways and become honorable people who recognize, honor and defend the fundamental human rights of others, but we are actually deceptively telling them, through the actions of the so-called justice system, that there is no good reason why they should not continue to commit crimes against others, now and in the future. No honorable society would do this to their young people and themselves. I know you don't like hearing all this, but it is the truth.

It is only our love of the truth, and our willingness to see it and follow it, that will allow us to go about changing this practice which currently is nothing short of evil. Our young people need us to do this. The vast majority of juvenile crime can be prevented, and we need to do what honorably can and must be done to correct this grave injustice that threatens so many of our young people and ourselves.

Young people make mistakes, but it is no mistake when adults profit from making sure that young people continue to commit crimes —which is very often what our system does. For those who believe there is a higher power that we will answer to, I would be very worried if I were one of the people continuing this deceitful system that refuses to teach young people the value of becoming an honorable person.

Young people need to know we care enough about them to tell them the truth. It is only the most dishonorable society that would use young people in this way for their own gain.

Of course, the young person who decides to commit crimes is not blameless. Of course, there are other aspect of juvenile crime that need to be considered, but unless we, first, change the system that encourages bad behavior among young people (so those who work in the system can profit) we will never be able to significantly reduce juvenile, or adult crime and the pain and suffering it causes for so many.

Are you going to allow this system to continue?

Let us know that you want to help give our young people an honest chance by making sure our juvenile justice actually becomes just and honorable. Just click: I WANT TO HELP.



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