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This site is about many Fundamental Human Rights, but REMEMBER:
Without understanding and focusing, primarily, on the MOST Fundamental of all human rights: the one, without which, we could have no other —THE RIGHT TO BE, we can never successfully protect and benefit from any other Fundamental Human Right at all.
So, please, make sure you go to THE RIGHT TO BE and THE RIGHT OF RIGHTS to understand and protect our MOST Fundamental Human Right TO BE.

Before we get started, an important note about a current threat to this Fundamental Human Right:

ONCE AGAIN, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ARE DENYING THE GOOD PEOPLE THE ABILITY TO PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THEIR LOVED ONES. CURRENT POLICIES MASQUERADING AS "LAWS" ARE ALLOWING GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TO TAG GOOD, HONORABLE PEOPLE AS "CRIMINALS" for simply exercising their fundamental human right to protect themselves as acknowledged in the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Across the nation, as across the world, people who would never wish to be defenseless themselves are causing good, innocent people to become victims of violent crime and lose their ability to control the direction of their own nation.

Specifically, officials incorrectly claiming authority in New York State have acted to deny the fundamental human right to possess the tools for successfully protecting themselves and their loved ones to the good people in the state of New York. It is vital to understand, when those we allow to hold governmental office violate the contract by which they are permitted to officially act, such officials voluntarily relinquish their office and the authority associated with that office.

In the United States of America, the people who elect government officials do not grant unlimited authority to do as those officials choose. Rather, there are restrictions on that authority and anyone acting outside those restrictions has broken the contract we have with them to act according to the rules the people have set down within which to operate. When such individuals disregard these restrictions, by taking actions that threaten the safety of the good people those officials are to serve, such officials have announced to all that they have abandoned their responsibility to serve the good people and, consequently, announce that they are no longer qualified to hold that position. This is the case in New York State and elsewhere across the nation when those we elect overstep the bounds we and the principle of fundamental human rights set for our officials to follow.



The Fundamental Human Right To Be, of necessity, includes the right to protect oneself and innocent others.

Anyone wishing to possess the right to self-protection and the protection of others, must be willing to recognize, honor and defend this right for all innocent others.

To protect oneself and innocent others, one must have the means and ability to do so.

Anyone wishing to possess such Fundamental Human Rights cannot prevent innocent others from having the means or gaining the ability to defend themselves or innocent others.

If anyone prevents or prohibits any innocent other from possessing the means or gaining the ability to protect themselves or innocent others, they (the individual or group violating this Fundamental Human Right of an innocent other) voluntarily relinquishes their own right to self protection by virtue of denying it to an innocent other.



The right to protect one's self and others is the most fundamental of all rights. Stated and embodied in The Right To Be, without this right no other can exist.

When officials of a country prevent any innocent individual from protecting himself, his family and innocent others, by preventing them from having the means to such protection, [Such as denying them the possession of tools such as firearms] those officials fail to defend that fundamental human right for innocent others and voluntarily relinquish their own right to self-protection by doing so. This may seem drastic, but the cost of denying another a fundamental human right is high. One could easily avoid that cost by simply honoring that right of the innocent other, but, instead, they chose not to do so. Therefore, any honest person can see they have brought the penalty upon themselves.

For innocent people to be denied their ability and means to defend themselves and innocent others, government officials —who would never voluntarily give up their own right to self-protection— take action setting policies or procedures or even laws that deny such Fundamental Human Rights to innocent others. They take conscious, deliberate action to deny innocent people the rights those officials would have no other deny them. Only unprincipled officials would prevent innocent people from having effective protection. This is a fundamental truth that virtually everyone understands.

This is worth repeating: Such officials willfully treat innocent people in a way they would have no one treat them. This is the most fundamental violation of the principles of fundamental human rights. No people can allow this to stand if they wish to be principled, free people.

When any individual, group, organization or members of government deny any innocent person any Fundamental Human Right without good cause (which must amount to the just determination of no longer being an innocent person, by virtue of having violated a significant just law/s and/or Fundamental Human Right) the individual or group violating the rights of such innocent person/s, is no longer fulfilling his office or his obligation to innocent others under the principles of Fundamental Human Rights, and, therefore, no longer possess the authority to pass judgment regarding any innocent person's rights. No person is morally or legally bound to obey those who refuse to recognize, honor and defend any innocent individual's Fundamental Human Rights.

Other than being justly found NOT to be an innocent person, or being involved in the act of denying any innocent other of a Fundamental Human Right, NO ONE has the authority or right to deny you of your Fundamental Human Right to possess the means to effectively defend yourself or innocent others.

When any innocent individual allows others to ignore his Fundamental Human Rights, that individual encourages those denying his right, to deny the rights of others, as well. This is precisely how the people, all of a sudden, wake up to find their rights are no longer recognized, honored or defended by anyone.

When government officials have become accustom to violating the Fundamental Human Rights of innocent people, the only way to halt such violation is for the innocent people to refuse to allow the continuation of such violation. To do this, all who justly possess these rights MUST let those officials know that their violation of anyone's Fundamental Human Right is a violation of all innocent persons' fundamental Human Rights.

Further, all who wish to possess fundamental human rights must make known that the continued violation by those officials will announce to ALL that the those officials willingly relinquish their own Fundamental Human Rights and are subject to the penalties faced by any other who violates the Fundamental Human Rights of innocent others.

Honorable, principled, innocent people —those willing to recognize, honor and defend the rights of all innocent others— must ban together. They must be willing to act together because those who would deny your Fundamental Human Rights are many and come from many segments of society. We must recognize that oftentimes the greatest violators are our own government officials. As long as the innocent people are weak, and refuse to stand together and take action, their rights will be ignored and trampled.

Believe me, that is well worth reading again. It is vital to understand.

If people allow others to trample their Fundamental Human Rights, those people truly do not deserve to possess them. If we refuse to protect Fundamental Human Rights for innocent others, we cannot justly possess them for ourselves.

So, you see, whether or not you have the benefit of Fundamental Human Rights available to you is really in your hands. If you will NOT live by precious rights, and NOT defend them, not only will YOU not have them, you, truly, will not deserve them.

Rather than let this be a source of discouragement to you, let it be a source for positive change. DEFEND THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS AS YOU WISH THEM TO BE THERE TO DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS. Do this and we can all have a better life.

Let us know that you want to meet your obligation to better protect all Fundamental Human Rights. Email us by clicking: I'll help in my community.


In New York State, officials elected to represent the interests of the good people of New York have chosen to violate the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution which is based on the Fundamental Human Right to protect and defend oneself and innocent others. While using the excuse that bad people possess firearms the legislature refers to as "assault weapons" which not only can but have been used against innocent people, those we have allowed to hold positions to SERVE us, have decided the way they will PROTECT US is to prohibit the good people from possessing these same firearms to protect ourselves and innocent others, which the state admits the bad people already have.

Of these foolish individuals, who claim authority to take our rights away from us, actually expect us to believe their logic of, by taking these firearms away from the good people, by making them illegal for anyone to possess, that the LAW BREAKERS will all of a sudden start respecting the law and will give up the firearms they already possess and will not obtain any in the future. Of course, if this were the case, the legislature could just make a law saying you cannot break the law in any way, and the bad people would, instantly, become good people and never violate the law again. [If you haven't read our section on lawyers and judges, you need to do that. You will find out why such officials really don't want you, the good person, and your family, to be safe.]

NEWS FLASH: Good people obey good laws. Good people do not obey bad laws and bad people don't care to obey laws, good or bad.

A sad reality of life is that most individuals elected or appointed to office quickly begin to use the power available to them to insure that the good people cannot retaliate against them when that official violates the rules (Constitutions and laws) meant to constrain them and prevent them from abusing and injuring the people they were appointed or elected to serve.

The fact is that if good people will not swiftly remove the officials who overstep the bounds we have set for their behavior, it becomes impossible to have good government officials. If the state and national governments are, in truth, of the people, if the people allow bad officials, it is because they are bad people.

When a good woman cannot travel in New York State with the effective means to protect herself from the thousands of violent criminals that surround us, we not only have bad government officials, we have bad people who care nothing about that innocent woman being subjected to violent attack and possible death and we care nothing about her or anyone else's FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS. THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS IS NOT ABOUT.

Everyone wants the rights but no one wants the responsibilities.
FACT: It is impossible to have the rights without fulfilling the responsibilities.

Whether in New York State or elsewhere, officials who prohibit the good person from possessing the means to effectively defend themselves and innocent others has violated his oath of office, if they have sworn or affirmed to support and/or defend the Constitution of the United States, and by doing so, have surrendered their position and authority, by acting counter to their oath or affirmation and acting against the obvious best interest of the good people they are empowered ONLY to serve.

We cannot continue to be good people if we allow bad people to abuse the good people of our communities, state and nation.

The first step to protecting oneself is to learn how to effectively do so. So, it is up to you to begin to learn. Get with the very best people you know to help you learn safely.


LAST UPDATED: April 5, 2018

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