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This site is about many Fundamental Human Rights, but REMEMBER:
Without understanding and focusing, primarily, on the MOST Fundamental of all human rights: the one, without which, we could have no other —THE RIGHT TO BE, we can never successfully protect and benefit from any other Fundamental Human Right at all.
So, please, make sure you go to THE RIGHT TO BE and THE RIGHT OF RIGHTS to understand and protect our MOST Fundamental Human Right TO BE.


There is a fundamental human right to have the truth of matters that greatly affect one's safety and well-being.

Men are not a good substitute for women and women are not a good substitute for men. They are not equal but perfectly different. Life is best when both acknowledge, appreciate and honor that difference.

Denying that difference is to deny the realities of life and disrupts the magnificent durable design of God and Nature.


A terrible injustice has been perpetrated upon modern American women and only THE TRUTH can bring an end to this continuing injustice. Only an absolute denial of what we all can see before our eyes could cause us to accept that women are equal to men, or men equal to women.

Women are no more equal to men than men are equal to women. We each have different strengths and weaknesses. For any society to have the best chance to succeed, it is always best when the people of that society fulfill the role that God and nature has laid out for them, using their strengths and talents to do what each is uniquely qualified to do best.

God and nature have designed women to be man's precious helpmate, not to be his competition and not to be man's equal. To fail to live by this reality is to guarantee continuing conflict (which flows from disrupted families) into all of society.

Disregarding the truth about the differences between men and women perpetuates a lie that nearly all know but are afraid to even discuss. No good can come from ignoring the truth. Instead, it sets up a false structure of society that can never succeed.

When a society promotes the false notion that women can effectively hold positions that are better suited to the strengths of men, it is not only a grave injustice to men, but, even more so to women and children. Why? Because, particularly when it comes to protecting all its citizens, it is the duty of those steering that society to insure that the most able bodied individuals fill the positions of, for example: firefighters, lawmen and those who serve in the military. We all know this because when any of us are faced with certain danger, we all want the individual that is most likely able to help rescue us from the trouble we are in. When societies routinely place females in positions that require the qualities of males, and when the citizens of that society close their eyes and fail to speak up against such unwise practices, that society justly deserve the inadequate protection that results from such deceitful practices.

Describe who you would want to rescue your loved ones, and if you are honest, you will agree it would be the strongest, most able male possible. Many females who are in positions of law enforcement, firefighting, and military agree: they, too, would want a capable male to come to aid them or their loved ones. These women admit this because they realize, as females, they cannot adequately fulfill the duties of such offices in the same way as most men.

I know this will anger many, but, if this angers you, try to put your anger on hold for a few moments. If you want us to be the best, most honorable people possible, we need to strive to have the best information possible. So, calm yourself, and stick with me a few more moments.

Before we continue, make a personal commitment to read this topic through to the end. Often, to understand completely, it is necessary to consider one aspect at a time. What might seem incorrect at one point, often, only becomes clear when we see and understand aspects that come later. If we don't continue through to the end, it is likely we will never understand.

It is important to remember that those who wish to control people, for their own personal unjust gain, purposely promote non-cooperation, confusion and conflict. Any time they can divide people who are attempting to do good, they win.

Men and women were and are meant to work together for their, and their children's mutual well-being. Cohesive families produce better societies.

Where would we be if two people living together in one house both did all the same things? What if we both had to make all the beds, both had to do all the dishes, both had to do the same auto repairs, both had to cook all the meals, both had to go and do the same outside work? Silly, isn't it? Dividing jobs and duties seems much more reasonable, doesn't it?

If one did the yard work; planting, trimming, for a few years: wouldn't it be likely he would know more and be better at outside work than the one who had never done any? If one did the work requiring strength, wouldn't it be likely that he would become stronger, especially over time? And, if this were so, wouldn't it be wiser to have that one move something very heavy than the one who didn't acquire as much strength because he had not been doing the tougher work?

Of course, these things seem logical and nearly everyone would expect things to go this way, but what if we told the weaker to move that heavy object, when it was too much for them? If we were the weaker of the two: what would we do? If we had to hire someone to move that heavy object, would we hire the stronger, or the weaker?

In many areas of modern society, we hire the weaker, and then, conceal the fact that the heavy object never gets moved. HOW IS THIS SO?

Let's look at real life:

In the mid 70's American law enforcement went through a transition. There had always been women working in some aspects of law enforcement. Police women were not expected to go on calls of men fighting in bars and such. They didn't do what is known as routine patrol, stopping vehicles, going on calls that no one could know what would happen. They investigated crimes by children, particularly when girls were involved. Also, they worked on cases involving women's matters. Because there was a lower chance of danger, women received a rate of pay less then men.

Of course, there were times when they did participate when there was greater danger, as a companion to a male officer on an undercover operation, for example. When this occurred, the women were paid what was known as hazardous duty pay, but only for the time their duty was classified as hazardous.

Then came the so-called "women's movement", which not always resulted in being beneficial to women (as you will see later). The argument was that women everywhere should be paid the same wage as men. Therefore, women officers were encouraged to make waves and file law suits against police departments. Remember, women were already paid a higher rate when they did the law enforcement duties at the same level as men. So, those pushing women's (so-called) rights wanted women officers to be paid the same as men regardless of the reduced risk they normally faced. When they lost that argument, they said women officers could do the same job as men, regardless of the obvious physical and psychological differences between men and women — differences the women working in law enforcement at the time understood, and that virtually all human beings recognized.

Facts, logic, the good and safety of the public and the officers were all put aside. Those wanting too WIN the point that women were equal to men in all respects pushed to see their agenda through, no matter who would be hurt.

So, the time came to send women to regular police academies for what was billed as the same training as men. As most rational people, at least of that time, figured, women could not participate at the same level as men, especially physically. But the pressure from women's rights groups and politicians who just wanted to get that "monkey off their backs" caused spineless men to begin to lie about the performance of women. And, in those cases where their lies could not be covered up, they simply changed the requirements so women could pass.

Departments began to allow smaller caliber guns to be used, in a job that often required strength, trainers allowed women to do push-ups from their knees, while men had to do them from the normal toe position. Often statistics showed women doing many more push-ups than some men, but no one would be honest enough to tell the truth that women were having things made much easier, so, of course, it seemed like they were performing better than men.

The nation that lives by such lies can never be called honorable, as long as the lies remain.

Of course there were women who knew they could not do the job, and they would have spoken up, but they were caught up in the wave cloaked as a noble cause, consequently, not being fools, when they did get out of training, they learned quickly that they were no match for much of what needed to be done. All this put male officers in greater danger than ever. Further, it made the public less safe and more susceptible to increased criminal activity. All the time male officers were forced to keep their mouths shut when women failed in their duties, or the men would face transfer, punishment or dismissal for trying to tell the truth and make their communities safer.

Now, when receiving a potentially hazardous call, men could not pay attention to the immediate hazard and deal with it as he should, he had to look out for a female officer who could not help and would only make things worse. It was not unusual for females to stay in their cars or be dropped off before the hazardous call was reached. If present, they would either antagonize the suspect/s then step back when violence ensued, causing the male/s to shoulder the hazards of physical combat; or they would stay far behind male officers only to rush in when all was subdued, acting like they actually were a help.

The media loved the young females, actually accepting answers like "we use our brain not our brawn" when asked how a confrontational male would be handled. Worse, some of these women actually believed, for a time, that this tactic would work. Anyone wishing to know the difference between what many people think law enforcement is like and what it is really like should read the book, Signal Zero by George Kirkham [check Amazon.com].

The reality is that, almost daily, sometimes several times daily, police officers face the physical and psychological nature of mostly unruly men who don't care about being polite to women or care about being politically correct. Lives are literally on the line and there is no time for play. These are situations most people are never confronted with at any time during their entire lives, yet male officers must face them hundreds and thousands of times in their careers, if they last through them. ANYTHING we do, as a society, that makes this job more difficult and more dangerous for them (than need be) is nothing short of disgraceful, disloyal and dishonorable.

FOLLOW along with me on this:

You are a police officer. You have been for four years. You are in a one-man car. You drive by an ally. As you look down the ally, you see two men are beating one man. What do you do?

STOP here. Visualize this scenario and ask yourself: What would I do: remember, you are a police officer. Before you go on, answer this question, for yourself. Then, ask someone else what they think should be done. I'll wait.

-----I'm waiting.



Do you know? Either write down or remember what you would do. Is it different than what you know you should do?

This same question was posed to female officers who voluntarily agreed to be part of a study. They were asked to give honest answers, and were advised that their names would never be revealed by the interviewer. They all were spoken to individually and all agreed to be truthful. None had knowledge of the answer of others.

Most asked a few questions, such as: Is it day or night? They were told they could have it either way. All asked in one way or another: Is anyone watching? They were told: No.


Without exception, everyone said they would drive away.

Are you surprised? Does this shock you? What did you do? Remember, these were experienced officers. This was no hypothetical situation for them, they live this. These were women of different ages and races. They all had worked in one-man-cars.

Women, who are asked this question (if they have any idea of what to do), sometimes answer: I would call for a back-up and wait till they got there. Most just honestly say they don't know.

Oddly enough, virtually everyone knows what a male officer should do. That is: Drive down the ally while he calls for a back-up and get out and stop what is going on, and hope your back-up is close.

Why didn't the female officers choose this? An important thing to note here is the female officers were told no one was watching. As long as that was the case (and in some cases even if some one was watching, some said they would try to drive away anyway and would just say they didn't see it.) they were not going to risk their safety because they knew they could not handle the situation. They couldn't call for a back-up because, if they did, they were expected to go down that ally right then, not wait till the back-up arrived. So, they all did the only thing that they felt they could do, deny that it was happening —perhaps, even deny it to themselves.

WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED TO THAT MAN BEING BEATEN IN THE ALLY? What if he was your father, husband, son, or you?

Most men, especially police officers, don't hesitate to say they would go down that ally. It has everything to do with the male and female mind-set. Women may be in these positions but they are not fools. The hideous part of this is the psychological position we put these women in, particularly if their action or inaction causes someone to be seriously hurt or killed.

Is this really what the women's movement wants? Is this loyalty to these women? Is it loyalty to the male officers, and is it loyalty to the public? the victims?

There are many cases like this going on every day but we are not honest enough to tell the truth, and that is the most disgraceful thing of all.

We are suppose to be hiring officers that can do 100% of the job, not 70%, 80%, or even 90%. Our guideline for determining what is the right way to do things is simple. It's an old rule that is as valid today: Treat others as you wish to be treated. [You might remember, this is the guideline we will use throughout this site.]

If you were the person being victimized, brutally beaten, would you want the police officer to drive away? If we say: Of course not. Why would we allow this condition to exist that allows others to continue to be victimized when they could have been and should have been helped?

When speaking in private, women officers tend to be candid and honest. Virtually all in later interviews admit they know they cannot do the same job as men, but admit they keep the job because they know they don't have to do the dangerous work and the money is better than they can make elsewhere, and, most like the job (at least most of it) and the authority. So, they know people are less safe, they know that male officers are more at risk, yet those females knowingly continue to perpetuate the lie that they are actually doing the full job just as a male would.

I suspect there is no mother out there that wants their son or daughter to be injured or lose their life because we are a society of liars, or, at minimum, people who close their eyes to the truth. There is likely no loyal wife of a male officer who wants her husband, the father of her children, to be at greater risk because we perpetuate the lie that females can help protect male officer as adequately as another male officer.

This is but one example. There are many, similar, real life situations that take place every single day. We need to free male officers to tell the truth about these conditions without fear of reprisal. We need to encourage female officers to be truthful about their performance. All this is necessary for our own health as a society.

But even if none of this happens, you know, as virtually any honest person knows, whether you are a man or woman, if you are in serious trouble, if you describe the person you want to come to rescue you, you know who that would be. If you are honest with yourself, you know what we now must do.

This is only one example, of course. But, when it comes to dealing with matters of public safety, either we do what we must do to honorably fulfill our duty, doing the very best at keeping everyone possible safe, or we live as hypocrites, and live unsafe in our self-imposed deceit and ignorance. So, now, what do we do?

THERE IS A SOLUTION, an Honorable one:

We've deceived women and society. Men have allowed this to happen. Now, how do we, honorably, correct this injustice?

I'm going to be direct and to the point here.

#1: Admit we have been wrong.

#2: Remove women from all, what lawmen call, "patrol" capacities and supervision thereof. (These are positions that routinely put officers in physical conflict.) And women must be removed from supervision of such units because they cannot properly supervise something they cannot completely understand.

#3: Develop a compensation package that allows these women several months to a year to prepare for, and gain, other employment.

#4: Fill vacant positions with qualified males.

Only by taking this action can we reestablish a bond of honor with the public we serve.

Likewise, whether in firefighting units, military units and any others where we have deceptively misled our society to the detriment of all, we need to make these corrections. To do less is to continue a society based on lies and guarantee the further decline of our once honorable Nation.

NOTE: Most of modern American society has been brainwashed into accepting that women are "equal" to men. Of course, this is an impossibility because they are not the same type of being. However, just because they are different does not mean they are lesser human beings. But modern society continues to push women, not just to be like men, but to do all traditional women's work (child care, homemaking) AND men's work, as well. This is a grave injustice to women, men, children and all of society. We have to admit no one can do it all and do it all well.

To a very large extent, the so-called feminist movement has betrayed women. Often driven by women, who have little or no desire to be loving wives raising healthy and happy children, have used their sisters to launch a vendetta against men. Placing their own desires for social acceptance and gain of wealth, they deceived their sisters into thinking if they were ONLY a wife and mother: they were nothing. These spiteful women convinced their sisters that children are a burden NOT a blessing, to be eliminated (killed) in the womb before requiring any real care. They convinced women they were nothing if they were not independent and free of lasting ties with loving husbands. They told them if they did not compete with men, they were not worthy women. They brainwashed women into thinking they needed to be self-sufficient because your husband did not appreciate you and he was likely to leave you alone, anyway.

But this recent social experiment has gone on for some time now, and, though we really knew it all along, finally, many are seeing that they have been used by their feminist sisters who are male want-a-bes.

Many women are, now, looking around, and asking: Is this the change we were promised? And, maybe, now, women will see their lives are not better but worse. Facing the reality of one night stands, finding no committed relationship, raising children on their own, always at odds with the men in their lives, chasing away the men who would be good, honorable protectors and providers for life. Most men are not fools. They, still, want loyalty, unity, respect and they will provide, in return. Not all men, of course, but many more than women think. But most men will not put up with a lack of respect and outright disdain, indefinitely. They don't want constant competition from the women in their lives. They, often, would just like some piece and quiet knowing they have a loving helper through life. Women who will not provide this will likely find themselves alone as the years go by. And MOST women are generally NOT happy alone.

If we stop this competition and fulfill the roles that God and Nature have crafted for us, women will be the compassionate, comforting, loving souls they were created to be, and will fit perfectly into the life of men and their families, and will benefit from the loving environment an unselfish family provides. If you care about your daughters, don't raise them to ignore the realities of life. Don't allow them to be deceived by your bitter sisters. Teach them how to be honest, faithful, loving women who will compliment the right man in their mutual journey through a challenging world.

Societies do best with strong, committed families who are willing to cooperate, fulfilling their natural roles. Each family, like any other organization must have a recognizable head. God and Nature have designated the male to lead. The 50-50 relationship is a myth. Men must lead and women must be willing to follow. The women who can accept this necessary structure will be an asset to their family and society. Those who will not, choose a life without knowing the piece and real love only a real man can give.

The cost of this war to show that women are "equal" to men has been a costly one. It is time to let honesty guide the way to repairing the damage, so we don't continue to suffer from the evils such lies always cause to come about.

Of course, there is much more to discuss on this topic. But this has been an honest start. The truth matters, and society should not make it difficult for us to be truthful. And members of society should never punish the truthful, as we have done and are currently doing. Love the truth, and have the courage to speak it, openly.

I invite you, ladies, who know what I have said here is true, to let us know your truth of your experience, particularly, in law enforcement and other public safety positions, such as fire-fighting and the military. You know the truth, and have an obligation to help correct the injustice you know is going on. Our society should be very grateful. I know I will be. Send me your story and views to: Dan@FundamentalHumanRights.Org Just click the link.

Remember, Fundamental Human Rights are about treating innocent others as we wish to be treated. It is all about recognizing, honoring and defending the fundamental human rights of innocent others if we want them to do the same for us. Do you have a fundamental human right to the truth? Do you not owe innocent others the truth, so they may become safer, more protected from harm? If you would not want to become a victim because an officer turned her head, you can't allow others to become victims because either you or other officers fail to do their duty.

I know I am asking a lot of you, but I am trusting that you realize it is only the truth that can set you free. Become an honorable person, once again: We need your honesty.


Remember, Humanity's Torch is about seeing the truth of matters, so that we are able to honorably solve the problems and injustices facing us all.


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