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If we do not possess a fundamental human Right To Be, how could we possess any other right at all?


The RIGHT TO BE mandates (requires) that in exchange for others recognizing, honoring and defending my Right To Be (my right to continue to exist), I will recognize, honor and defend, for all innocent others, their Right To Be (their right to continue to exist) to the best of my ability.

Like many other rights, the fundamental human RIGHT TO BE has no meaningful benefit unless there is a mutual agreement to live by it.

The fundamental human Right To Be exists because virtually everyone agrees they do not want others to take their life or even cause them harm.

But to enforce this, all wishing to possess it must recognize, honor and defend (to the best of their ability) that right for ALL innocent others.

Those not willing to do this for others have no right to expect others to do this for them.

The Right To Be has great benefits and equally great responsibilities. If we don't meet the responsibilities, we cannot justly expect to get, and should not get, (and cannot be allowed to get) the benefits.

Of course, most people want the benefit without the responsibility.


To properly examine The Right To Be, and the nature of all rights, it is important to take a careful, step-by-step approach, so we can grasp the fundamental nature of every human right. That is exactly what I will do here.

You are going to know about much of what I cover here, but, you will likely admit you have not quite thought about how important this information is to effectively consider the fundamentals in Fundamental Human Rights, particularly the most fundamental of those rights —The RIGHT TO BE.

Deep within each of us there is something that tells us, because we are here, we, somehow, have a Right To Be. Except for the few who choose not to continue their life, we all want to continue to exist, to be. Human kind recognized that in order to be able to continue to live, to exist, to be, others had to allow them to do so. Of course, over time, mankind has created laws to help him to be able to continue to exist. But because man-made laws can change over time, it is important to know the fundamental principle "the right" upon which such laws are to be based, so violations of that principle or Right do not occur.

In the modern world, people seldom question their Right To Be. They take it for granted. Most never give it a thought. Most are secure in the knowledge that others automatically recognize this mostly unspoken principle that, they think, just says, no one is to take your life. For most people, that is all they have to know. Of course, it is not that simple.

Though most don't really care to even try to understand this vital right, it is far more important than they realize. It is important to know that those who wish to keep it, need to thoroughly understand the Right To Be and why they must protect it for themselves and others. Because they don't normally care, they don't understand, and because they don't understand, they can not necessarily do as it requires. Consequently, they may well lose a right they need and desire. To keep from losing it, they need to know: The Right To Be requires a mutual agreement and any mutual agreement requires that we understand what it is to which we need to agree.

[Stick with me, this is going somewhere.]

Just what is that to which we need to agree? It really is quite simple: We need to agree to do for innocent others that which we want them to do for us. [Sound familiar?]

With the Right To Be, that means we need to agree to recognize, honor, and defend The Right To Be (the right to continue to exist) for all innocent others who will do the same for us. But what exactly does that mean? That is why this site exists, to make sure we all have the opportunity to better understand what that means so we do not violate the Right To Be.

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The Right To Be could just be a concoction of men in an effort to convince others not to take their life. Or, it could be, it is a gift from a higher power than man, as most would prefer to believe, because this puts their continued existence in the hands of that higher power most of us call God and takes it out of the hands of men. As individuals who are of no threat to any innocent other, none of us want other men to have the power to take our life, thereby denying our Right To Be?

Though we don't want others to have this power over us, (making us their victim) few of us are willing to do ANYTHING to make sure innocent others don't become victims. Because we (of this modern world) think we have laws that will protect us: too often, we fail to remember that generally the only time others come running to our aid is either during or after we become a victim. Real protection (of us and our rights) comes through prevention, and that best happens when others willingly respect our rights, even if for no other reason than they want us to respect theirs — and we all want others to come to our aid if anyone tries to violate our Right To Be.


How is it possible to have any rights if no one will agree to help protect them? The truth is (and remember, this site is all about the truth) if we do not recognize, honor and protect the most fundamental of human rights —The Right To Be— for innocent others, our failure to do so announces to all that we no longer wish to possess that right, and, as a result, we voluntarily relinquish it.

[Wow, did I just say that? Did I say people can relinquish their Right To Be? Let's read that again.]

The truth is, virtually no one wants to give up their Right To Be. Instead, they want others to come to their aid and protect them and their Right To Be, but most do not want to help defend innocent others and their Right To Be.

[Read this again, if you have to. It is difficult to accept this reality, but the truth matters.]

Just think of the number of people you have seen standing around during emergencies or going in the opposite direction when others need help —virtually all. But everyone of those people want someone to help them. In most cases, none of these people ever prepared to be able to do anything for anyone else, or have even prepared so they may help themselves if they ever encountered an emergency or a threat.

Most people just take for granted that someone else (who did take the time, spent the money and make the effort to be able to act effectively during an emergency), will be available to help them —yet few, or none of these people, feel the least obligation to be prepared to help others. What does this say about us?

To JUSTLY deserve to possess The Right To Be, requires that you willingly defend innocent others and their Right To Be. That is right! It requires it. Why do we have to do it for others?—because we all want others to do this for us. We know, the best way to protect ourselves and our rights is through mutual agreement with others.

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THAT IS RIGHT, it's human nature to want something for ourselves and want others to do things for us but not want to have to do anything for anyone else. That is the truth, like it or not. If most of us had a choice, we'd get all we could for ourselves (and maybe our family) and would give little or none of our time or money or resources to anyone else. I know, you are saying: no, not me.

Sure, as long as it is something small, a little time, a little money, that, many of us will do, but what if it costs more than that? How many of us would risk much more than that? There are those who would risk their life, their job, their property for us, but most of us would not do the same for them, especially a stranger. Yet, there are strangers who would do all this for us.

But for rights to have any meaning requires mutual commitment. Without it, in all practicality, real "rights" cannot exist. The real right, that does exist, because it is provided to us from God, comes with restrictions. It is not a gift to everyone regardless of their actions. Instead, it is only available to those who follow God's command to treat our neighbor as we wish to be treated. This principle is even recognized by those who do not even believe in God; that is, the command to treat our neighbor as we wish to be treated.

NOW, the difficult question:
How could anyone defend himself or innocent others if everyone continued to possess the Right To Be (the right to continue to exist) no matter what they did, even if they tried to take your (any innocent person's) life?

You see, if everyone always possesses The Right To Be, (the right to continue to exist) a person attempting to take your life could not be killed even if he was about to take your life. Why? Because he would still possess his Right To Be and people cannot take the life of anyone who possesses The Right To Be.

Said another way: The Right To Be is only possessed by those who will recognize, honor and defend the Right To Be of ALL innocent others. Therefore, if you are an innocent individual, and if you willingly recognize, honor and defend The Right To Be of all innocent others, then anyone trying to harm you, is violating your Fundamental Human Right To Be, and by doing so (by violating your Right To Be) he loses (voluntarily gives up) his Right to Be —his right to continue to exist. ONLY THEN CAN YOU TAKE HIS LIFE, IF NECESSARY, WITHOUT VIOLATING THE PRINCIPLE OF THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT TO BE. Therefore, you are no longer prohibited from harming him or taking his life, because, by his own actions, he has given up his right to continue to exist. If such an individual continues to be a threat to you or another innocent individual or individuals, you do not merely have the right to stop him with whatever means possible, you have the responsibility to stop him because you are required to defend The Right To Be for yourself and the innocent others he is threatening.

[You may want to read that again. You actually want this to be the case, whether you know it or not at this very moment.]

This is worth saying again: If anyone loses that Right To Be, by his act of ignoring The Right To Be of any innocent individual, then you, or anyone, could take that threatener's life, if necessary, to save the life of any innocent individual, and could do so ONLY because the attacker has violated The Right To Be of someone who is innocent, and thereby that aggressor voluntarily relinquishes his own Right To Be. He no longer possesses the fundamental human right to continue to exist (To Be) for himself and, therefore, no longer possesses the protection it provides. Would we want this any other way? Not if you are the innocent person, because this is the only way you (the innocent person) get to stay alive.

As people who want to keep our Right To Be, we must act anytime someone violates The Right To Be of ANY innocent other.

Today, we are failing to meet that commitment (required by The Right To Be) for many innocent others. We allow the needless denial of The Right To Be to innocent others, others who began their life the same way we began ours.

Why have I gone on and on about this? Because it is vital to recognize our natural human inclinations (how we really are), before we can ever honestly consider what follows.

If someone was about to ignore our Right To Be, if someone or group was about to brutally injure you, torture you and then take away your life, depriving you of any further existence: wouldn't you expect everyone else to stop what they were doing, see what you were going through, and even risk their life, if necessary, to stop this evil and injustice from happening to you? Wouldn't your reasoning be that, after all, if they had someone trying to harm them they would want me to help them? Yes, you know, you want them to help you: Don't you, —but would you really help them?

Fundamental human rights are not one way streets. With The Right To Be, there is NO option: Either we defend this right for innocent others or we do not possess it for ourselves. Without this DEFINED Right To Be, it is easy for most people to scream for help when they need it, but turn their head when others need their help. [I've seen this human behavior all my life.]

The Right To Be is like that, everyone wants it for themselves, but few, (very, very few) will run to the aid of others. But, The Right To Be requires this, and if you don't do all in your power to defend this most fundamental of all human rights, the Right To Be, for innocent others: is there any way you could say you justly deserve it for yourself?

You can now see why many will hate this site. Most people do not want to consider, or even have others consider the fact that rights carry equal and mutual responsibility.

Many of the problems facing the United States of America, and elsewhere, are the direct result of people screaming for rights and refusing the responsibilities. What follows is the most obvious, blatant, egregious example of this willingness to benefit from The Right To Be while refusing to recognize, honor and defend that right for innocent others.


The greatest example of vast numbers of people denying innocent others of their Right To Be is the failure of most people to come to the aid of the most innocent of all, those being brutally and irreversibly destroyed in the womb, through the procedure known as abortion.

While many would like you to think of abortion as only a religious issue, while it certainly is that, it is not ONLY that. It is far more than that. Based on religious principles, it is a fundamental-human-rights-principle that everyone wants for themselves. But many of those same people, who wish to benefit from the Fundamental Human Right To Be, say no one has any right to even talk about the fact that it also applies to these most innocent others who face the denial of their Right To Be through the procedure know as abortion. Many who scream loudly that others must defend their Right To Be, not only refuse to defend these most innocent others, but do all in their power to convince you and all others you have no RIGHT, and certainly no responsibility, to defend these innocent others. You should be very concerned about this.


Yet, we allow these others, who are innocent and who possess the Right To Be, to be denied that right and their existence.

Though each of us has been permitted to live through our early stages of being human, while in the womb, we feel justified in allowing others to suffer extermination, yet, we, still have the nerve to call for help for ourselves if anyone even tries to harm us.

Rights carry with them responsibilities. Without those responsibilities, there can justly be NO benefit. What often does exist, today, is a self-concocted myth that we live with rights that require no responsibility, no obligation. It is a myth, not because rights do not exist, but because real rights cannot, and do not, exist without mutual responsibility in order to gain mutual benefit. But those who wish to eliminate innocent others, mostly for their own gain, must convince you that you only feel the way you do because of your narrow religious views, and those views have nothing to do with the laws or principles of this nation. If they do not convince you of this, they will be forced to protect all innocent others, including those in the womb. This is precisely what the United States Constitution requires.

[There is much more to cover on this, for anyone interested in many of the other aspects of this important right, I recommend that you send for my book The Right of Rights: the United States Constitutional, Natural, Moral and Absolute Essential Right To Be, so you can have even more information than I cover here, and so you can have it readily available to show and inform others who need to know its important information.]

Only the most dishonest people could allow such a standard to exist for their society that recognizes a right to exist (The Right To Be) for some, but, openly, denies that same right to innocent others. Such a standard allows those whose Right To Be was already recognized, to refuse to recognize and defend those whose Right To Be is being denied, resulting in their extermination.

What kind of society sets this as their standard for its people? Is it possible such a society will not be punished?

When the truth of this matter is seen in the light of day, honorable people will not allow the extermination of innocent others to continue. But, those less than honorable will avert their eyes, and say they are not responsible, as they allow such injustice to continue.

For those who care, the Bible addresses just such a situation:

"If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works?" — Proverbs 24:10-12.

For those who do not believe in God, or the messages of the Bible, they should still appreciate the philosophical view expressed in these passages. It is very worth noting that, at least for centuries, men have abhorred the intentional slaying of those who are innocent. This is just another example indicating that God will not treat lightly those who turn their eyes from such evil and injustice.

I've gone into this area of the obvious ignoring of the fundamental human rights of innocent others because it is the situation where the Right To Be is most violated, but there are others, as well. Whether in these situations, or certain medical situations, or our disinterest in greatly limiting the violent deaths of innocent people who are forced to live in crime ridden communities: we have turned our eyes away, when there is much we could do to prevent these deaths and the violation of these people's Right To Be.

Instead, we go about our business, avoiding the truth that there is much we could do, especially if we would share, with others, the truth of these matters and commit ourselves to dedicate a portion of our time, attention and resources to promote the understanding that for us to justly possess the Right To Be for ourselves and loved ones, we must willingly treat innocent others as we wish to be treated.

If we cannot bring ourselves to live up to the standards that The Right To Be requires, (the most fundamental human right of all), we justly deserve no other right at all.

We could have started this site by discussing the issue of abortion, but, it is much bigger than just abortion. It is about human dignity. It is about living by the truth that is, not by what we falsely say is "the truth". It is about holding ourselves to the standard we want others to use when dealing with us. It is the most fundamental rule of human existence — to actually treat innocent others as we wish to be treated. It is that simple.

In its simplicity, there is a great danger for those who choose to ignore the requirements of The Right To Be. This is because it is such an obvious and simple principle, it will be very hard to say we did not understand. The danger is in what people will have to face from God, and what a society becomes when they embrace such an indefensible standard of behavior for its people. Only a falsely fabricated distortion of Scripture could contrive a "god" so unjust that he would fail to punish such intentional self-deception and willful blindness and the nation that promotes it. As we have seen in our scriptural example from Proverbs (as well as can be seen in many other passages) such unwillingness to see and act toward innocent others as we wish to be treated will be repaid.

I write this not to condemn, although condemnation is in order, but to provide an opportunity to change, and for you to become the person you want others to be toward you.


I've left this until now because it is important to understand that governments don't give fundamental human rights —they can, and should, however, acknowledge and support them. An honorable society will also encourage their people to understand and live by them. It is wise for us to make sure our government does this, otherwise, it is easy for the people to forget how important these rights actually are and from where they come.

As for the Constitution of the United States of America, people all over the world have been sold the lie that our Constitution does not contain specific reference to our unborn descendants and they have been deceived into thinking it does NOT require their protection. Our very own government officials have told the people that those who founded this nation cared not enough about their own unborn descendants to include them in the most essential founding document of this new country they were forming.

Perhaps, because we have become a "sound-bite" society, we are not used to looking closely at even important issues or documents. Instead, we often blindly accept the things others tell us. Particularly when governmental figures speak, we don't even bother to question, or look for ourselves at the validity of what they have said. Like good sheep, we accept traveling the road they say we must travel. [This is the height of irresponsible behavior that guarantees the destruction of one's very own rights.]

This is the case regarding what Americans have been told about the Constitution of the United States. We have accepted that the Constitution does not permit us to protect the unborn descendants of those known as the people of the United States.

Those who want us to continue the destruction of the innocent, want us to believe that the Constitution prohibits us from protecting the descendants of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and all others who helped create this nation that affords us the freedom to govern ourselves. Future generations will refer to this deception as one of the most hideous (yet successful) manipulations by government officials upon the people they are meant to honestly serve.

The Constitution of the United States of America specifically names our unborn descendants to receive the exact same blessing from the Constitution and this Nation as ourselves and requires the protection of the unborn descendants of the people of the United States of America.


Contained in the following words is the Constitutional recognition of the most fundamental human right of mankind —The Right To Be — for the people of the United States and all their descendants for generations to come AND the Constitutional mandate (requirement) to live by the standard it establishes.

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

This is The Statement of Purpose of the United States Constitution. It clearly names two groups to receive the Blessings of Liberty enumerated by this Constitution and this Nation. It specifically indicates, in addition to the people of the United States who were forming this Union, their "Posterity" are also to receive the same Blessing of Liberty which are the object of the formation of this Union.

One's posterity is all one's descendants until the end of time. It can include all one's born and unborn descendants. Often, in historical documents, our founders used the words referring to their unborn descendants to establish that the founders were acting in the interest of their unborn descendants —their posterity.

Only an entirely morally bankrupt government and society would conceal this fact and allow the continuation of the irreversible destruction of the unborn descendants of its people, particularly the descendants of those who founded the nation that the people now benefit from.

WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO. And the cost has been the needless destruction of countless numbers of the posterity of the people of the United States who are specifically named in the Constitution of the United States to receive the exact same Blessings as ourselves.

This, my friends, is precisely why we need to know what our fundamental human rights are and how we can protect them from unscrupulous officials who choose to deceive the people to achieve their dishonorable ends.

When people meet their obligation to defend the fundamental human rights of innocent others, we will better guarantee that these rights will be available for all, because we will insist that they will be honored by all.

Each of us exists, today, because no one violated our Right To Be during earlier stages of our being human; this obligates us to prevent the destruction of others going through the same stages we were permitted to successfully go through, without being denied our fundamental human right to continue TO BE.

Also, now you see that the Constitution of the United States recognizes the fundamental human right of our unborn descendants to continue to exist.


Though others have recognized and honored your Right To Be, are you going to deny that right to others (the posterity of the people of the United States) by standing by and allowing others to deny their Right To Be, their right to continue to exist, through the procedure known as abortion? And if you do stand by and allow an innocent other to be denied his or her continued existence in violation of the Fundamental Human Right To Be and the United States Constitutional requirement to provide the same Blessings of Liberty to them as to ourselves: Will this mean you voluntarily relinquish your own Right To Be? Refusing to recognize, honor and defend an innocent other's Right To Be carries that great consequence.

If you can find that honesty that exists inside each of us, you know the truth of this information and you know you would never want to be treated in the way many of the unborn descendants, the posterity of many of the people of the United States, are treated during the "procedure" known as abortion —that brutally exterminates from existence those who are specifically named in the Constitution of the United States. And if you have found that self-honesty, you know this must quickly end and you will know you must help it end.


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