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There are many areas of concern regarding Fundamental Human Rights. I've tried to address several of them, here, on this site. But just as it would be unwise, foolish, unproductive and dangerous to spend our time painting a wall in our house when the roof and walls are crumbling around us, ready to cave-in; so, too, is it unwise, foolish, unproductive and dangerous to address any Fundamental Human Right without understanding and focusing, primarily, on the MOST Fundamental of all human rights: the one, without which, we could have no other

No one —that's right— no one can effectively avail themselves of any Fundamental Human Right if they are denied the most fundamental of all human rights: the Right To Be —The Right To Continue To Exist.

Therefore, our primary focus will be on The Right To Be —The Right To Continue To Exist. This truly is The Right of Rights. And because, currently, the greatest violation of that right is the violent extermination of the most innocent, most helpless of human beings, the unborn descendants of the people of the United States of America (as well as elsewhere), we will focus on their violent destruction through the procedure known as ABORTION.

While this fundamental human right is violated all over the world, it is our primary purpose to address and protect this most fundamental right in the USA, first. In doing so, we will be setting the foundation for the rest of the world, as well.

Once we stop the violation of the Right To Be, we will be better able to address the other fundamental human rights, more fully. So, as you view information on other fundamental human rights, understand we cannot, effectively, protect any fundamental human right if we will not protect the one without which we could have no other:
If we fail to protect this right for others,
WE can no longer, justly,
claim any right at all, for ourselves.

THIS IS ALL ABOUT THE FUNDAMENTALS. If we do not protect the fundamentals: the very foundation, upon which freedom and liberty are based, collapses. For fundamentals are the base upon which all else, good and decent, must rest.

NOW, once again,

How could anyone have the benefit of any fundamental human right if no one will protect those rights and those who wish to possess them?

If we are not willing to defend these rights for others, how can we expect anyone else to defend them for us?


Fundamental Human Rights are those rights that are so basic to human existence and well being that virtually all agree: without the recognition of these fundamental human rights, there would be no universally accepted standard to keep others from severely harming us or even taking our life.

In order to justly possess any fundamental human right, all who wish to benefit from them MUST agree to recognize, honor and defend those rights for all innocent others.


If you come to this site expecting to find a concise list of fundamental human rights that you can then just go off and claim for your own, I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed. Human Rights are far more complicated in many respects. Sure, we could just list a bunch of things we claim to be fundamental human rights, but unless we understand how interrelated and interdependent they are, we, certainly, will not be equipped to fully protect our vital FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS.

In order to explain this a little better, consider the right often referred to as FREEDOM OF SPEECH: We often hear of and many have written of our right to freedom of speech. But think about that for a moment. A right to freely speak. Most would agree they should have such a right. But how important is the right to speak if others keep us from being heard?

When we talk about the freedom to speak, we are not talking about whether we can tell a joke with a dirty word. We are talking about speaking about important things that have to do with making a better, more honorable community, state, nation and even world. It is about expressing ideas that are aimed at making us better. This is why freedom of speech is important: so that we can talk freely about the things that can help make us better, for the benefit of us all.

Of course, there are those who are not interested in what can benefit us all, things that can help make us more honorable people. Many want to silence speech that might expose their worngdoing and such people don't care about what is in the best interest of the vast majority of people. Instead, they want to continue their activities that primarily benefit them or their group, alone. For such people, freedom of speech, by others, is a threat.

In such cases, those opposed to free speech of others [because they are never opposed to their own free speech] may try to control the airways, they may try to control the internet, telephone communications, meeting places. They may try to convince others not to listen to you, stop you from being interviewed about your ideas, threaten leaders who invite you to speak before their group. It is not that you cannot speak somewhere, they just want to make sure you don't speak where others will be able to listen. They don't care if you speak, they just don't want you heard.

That is why the freedom to speak must be coupled with the right to be heard. And this is the fundamental human right that allows us to offer our ideas, so others may hear, so they can determine whether those ideas may be beneficial to them and their society.

The fundamental human right to be heard is that which gives society the opportunity to determine the validity of another's position, the opportunity to hear and see the truth and the opportunity to benefit from it. This is why it is important to keep avenues to be heard, such as the internet, available for all.

When it comes to addressing the pain and suffering, or injustice to people, it is vital that we be heard. There are many ways we can insure that this happens, but, for now, I hope you have begun to see why I've chosen to go about this site in a little less direct manner than might be expected.

Too often, we make things so easy for people that they just glance and feel they have enough information. Most often, however, they fail to understand that fundamental human rights are so vital to our future, and the future of our loved ones, that we must be willing to invest the time and attention to more completely understand their importance and how we can most effectively secure them.

So, we hope you will take the time to explore, with us, these most fundamental of human rights.


While most people give little or no thought to fundamental human rights, when they are denied them, all of a sudden, they wish they had dedicated the time, attention and effort to better understand and protect them, and they also fervently wish they had worked to convince others to respect and live by them. Of course, they feel this way because someone or some group is now denying them a right they now need. In reality, what they really want is for those who are bothering or threatening them, to stop.

The truth is, if they could get people to stop bothering or threatening them (violating their human rights), they would be more than happy to just go back to their old way of doing things and not give one more thought to fundamental human rights.

The purpose of FundamentalHumanRights.Org is to fully explore the importance of these rights and to do all in our power to encourage the acknowledgement, understanding and protection of these rights for all who will recognize, honor and defend these fundamental human rights for all innocent others.

What are rights? What are human rights? What are fundamental human rights? Why should I even care?

These may seem to be elementary questions, but only a thorough understanding of the correct answers can provide us with the ability to ensure fundamental human rights remain accessible to us all. Only by recognizing, honoring and defending these rights for innocent others can we be reasonably assured they will be available to us. It's our objective to do what ever we can to make sure fundamental human rights do not become a thing of the past.

But, above all else, in order to better understand fundamental human rights, this site must be, and is about the truth. What truth? The truth that you already know in your heart, but which is, often, forgotten or willfully concealed because it may be uncomfortable to see. So, this site is about dusting-off the truth, and encouraging everyone to take a good look, so we can all see the truth more clearly.

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While this is not intended to be a site primarily about religion, we will not ignore the fact that most people believe God exists and often choose to live their lives by rules they believe come from God.

The truth requires that we acknowledge the fact that whether God exists or not, in reality, many, (in fact most) including this writer, choose to believe God does exist, and that he requires certain things of us. What are those things? Most religions (certainly Christianity) require that we obey God and treat our neighbor as we wish to be treated.

The second of these requirements (to treat our neighbor as our self) is not only a religious value but it is a valued principle professed by many of those who do not believe God exists.

This principle (that we should treat our neighbor as we wish to be treated) is a fundamental principle, and is one of the primary building blocks of all fundamental human rights. We cannot lose sight of this important aspect of human rights. It is so important that we will repeatedly ask: Is this particular fundamental human right based on the principle of treating our neighbor as we wish to be treated? We will use this to test the validity of any human right, by asking: Is this right built on the principle of all treating all innocent others as they wish to be treated?

The pursuit of truth is so vital to the understanding of the fundamental human rights of man that we have chosen a symbol to graphically remind us of that importance.

The image to the left and right on the upper portion of this page is a split image of the original painting Humanity's Torch. It is located here because it will serve as our symbol and reminder of the value and importance of seeing the truth and the consequences for refusing to do so.

For the most part, the answers to the problems facing mankind are readily available to us, as Humanity's Torch depicts. But to find those answers, we must be willing to make the personal commitment to always seek and love the truth, and act according to it. Humanity's Torch can remind us and help us do just that. But to gain this benefit, we must be willing to devote the time and attention necessary to clearly see what is before our eyes.

So, take some time and view Humanity's Torch by clicking on its name which will take you to its own page on this site. We trust, while it may take some time to fully appreciate, all who understand the importance of a relentless pursuit of the truth (of all matters) will grow to value this gift to the World's People in 1989.

I trust, as you view this site, you will commit yourself to the pursuit of that truth. Question whether what is being said here is actually the truth. Place yourself in the situation being discussed, and ask how you would want to be treated. This will help bring you to the truth. You'll see that what we present here is the truth and it is that truth that can set us free.

I have no doubt, if you make an honest effort, you will recognize the truth when you see it. You already know, the truth is not always the most comfortable thing to pursue. It takes courage, persistence, and a willingness to see what is, rather than just what we prefer to see.

Only with the commitment to seek and live by that truth can we better secure the fundamental human rights of mankind.

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Certain human rights are fundamental because virtually all, if not all, people claim them as being possessed as an innate (a built in) part of their own existence (an integral part of their being).

It could be that people believe this because, if such rights are gifts of government or some other civil authority, people realize, those in authority could also choose to take back that which they have given or granted. With this understanding, many people believe and claim these rights are provided to them from a higher source than man. They say, because of this, no earthly person has a right to violate or withdraw these fundamental human rights regardless of their earthly authority.

This position requires us, however, to admit the existence of a higher, spiritual authority, because, again, without that spiritual authority, rights are merely the concoction of men, who can withdraw them as they please. Nearly everyone understands, left in the hands of man, these vital rights could well be in peril, and could easily result in massive oppression and atrocities against mankind. History proves this to us. So, it is important to know the foundation upon which fundamental human rights are based.


The most essential element of that foundation (of fundamental human rights), is that rights cannot truly exist in the absence of responsibility, and, therefore, requires us always to ask: What are the responsibilities I must meet in order to gain the benefits of the right I wish to possess?

With that recognition (that Rights cannot exist in the absence of responsibility), the first fundamental human right we need to explore is the most fundamental right of all, the one without which we could have no other. And, as we do so, we must ask what is the responsibility I must meet in order for me to justly claim this most fundamental of all human rights?

With the commitment to use the truth: to seek it, to love it, and act according to it; let us go on to examine the right that is far above all other rights, the natural, moral, and absolute essential Right To Be. (Click the link to proceed to The Right To Be)

[NOTE: It will take some time and patience to get the most benefit from this site. Persevere. The reward will be a more thorough understanding of what should be very important to you and all those you love. That understanding will allow you to better secure the most fundamental human rights of mankind so they are available when you and your loved ones need them.

If it is not important enough to you to invest your time and attention to be able to better protect these rights for yourself and others, why should anyone else spend their time to protect these rights for you? Make the personal commitment now. We need you and you need us.]

The Right To Be. (Click the link to proceed to The Right To Be)

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