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This site is about many Fundamental Human Rights, but REMEMBER:
Without understanding and focusing, primarily, on the MOST Fundamental of all human rights: the one, without which, we could have no other —THE RIGHT TO BE, we can never successfully protect and benefit from any other Fundamental Human Right at all.
So, please, make sure you go to THE RIGHT TO BE and THE RIGHT OF RIGHTS to understand and protect our MOST Fundamental Human Right TO BE.


How is it possible to gain the best possible education when administrators of the education system make rules that encourage disturbance and disruption and refuses to provide an environment conducive to learning?


There is a fundamental human right to educate oneself and family, in a manner they see fit, for the betterment of themselves, their family and others.
This does not mean everything pertaining to education must be free, however, no unreasonable fees may be charged for the purpose of impeding some over others. Rather, it is a violation of this right to purposely deprive another of access to those things one is willing to work for, and pay for, to educate himself and his family.


Education is a result of a willingness to learn.

Little, if anything, can be learned if an individual or individuals choose NOT to learn. Therefore, education is not something that one bestows upon another, but, rather, it is an opportunity provided to one who chooses to accept it. In this way, one is not educated by another, instead, he educates himself with information made available by another. The only real educator is oneself.

Rather than the title "teacher" which conjures a picture of one who imposes learning upon another, such learned individuals are more correctly "information providers". This takes them from a stern task master, subject to ridicule for not "teaching" someone who chooses not to learn, to an honorable individual willing to share their knowledge with those who wish to educate themselves, so they can better their own lives and the lives of others. This is a very important distinction.

The first, the "teacher", is expected to force learning on those who resist learning, and the latter, the "information provider", shares his or her knowledge with those who wish to learn.

Currently, we have good people with valuable information, who we initially give the impression we want them simply to share their information with others, being placed in positions NOT to simply provide information, but to force information upon those who resist and confound the information provider's honorable efforts. Then, we blame that, so called "teacher" because he or she could not figure out how to force "students" to learn.

Now you know why we say it is vital at FundamentalHumanRights.Org to be willing to relentlessly seek the truth. The truth here is: many, even most, of our schools are acting counter to good judgment and sound moral principles, and our "teachers" are often blamed as scapegoats for unprincipled administrators.

So called "teachers" may be better off if they adopted the more accurate title "Elementary or Secondary School Information Provider" or "College Level Information Provider". This projects the more accurate idea that it is their function to provide information for those wishing to receive it, not to try to force unwilling attendees to learn.

What does all this have to do with fundamental human rights?

There is a fundamental human right to receive information that allows us to better our own lives and the lives of others. It is the Biblical principle of NOT just providing a man a fish for one day but providing him information on how to fish so that he may feed his family and others, making them an asset to society rather than a continual burden, dependent upon others for his daily meal.

This does not mean that this information necessarily has to be made available for free. Those not willing to exchange something of value to receive something of value do not deserve it.

This does mean, however, that those purposely standing in the way of those who wish to have information (so they can improve their life and the lives of others) violate the willing student's fundamental human right to have access to that information.

This violation occurs when we allow disruptive students to steal time, attention and funds from willing students and information providers by delaying and interrupting the flow of that information.

In the United States and elsewhere, often, those who wish not to educate themselves interrupt others attempting to lear from information providers. Those disrupters are forced to occupy space in classrooms, in the false belief that society can force them to be educated. This thinking ignores the truth. Instead, by allowing such disruptive behavior to continue, it denies the right of real students to effectively access material the "teacher" (information provider) is trying to make available. This denies the willing students the ability to improve their lives and the lives of others.

Considering the fundamental principle of treating others as we want to be treated, we know, none of us who value education and betterment of ourselves would want such disruption that hinders our self-improvement. In spite of this fact, many of our schools continue to allow this disruption to continue to go on in our schools across the nation. This violates the willing student's fundamental human right to education by intentionally allowing conditions to exist that hampers access to information needed and desired to better their lives. Such conduct on the part of our school boards and other government officials is unnecessary and a blatant violation of the fundamental human rights of those willing students, their parents and those in the community who understand it is dishonorable to hinder those who wish to learn so they may become a contributor to society rather than a continual burden.

Rather than continue to ignore these truths and go on pretending there is just something wrong that administrators and politicians just can't figure out, or blaming educated honorable information providers, it is time to purge our classrooms of those who refuse to take advantage of the information willingly being provided to them, and place them, if we must, in separate facility where they cannot continue to violate the FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT TO EDUCATION of those willing students, and allow those highly skilled in dealing with such unruly individuals to make their best effort at showing them a new way to turn their lives around.

Does this seem uncaring? On the contrary, it is the most caring thing to do. I am a firm believer, based upon experience, that with the right, personalized approach, NEARLY anyone can turn from disruption to attentiveness and become enthusiastic about learning. But to achieve this requires finding what motivates them to thirst for knowledge. No, that is NOT everyone, but it is the vast majority of those currently disruptive students. If you doubt this, give me a specific challenge. I will take the most disruptive young people (determined to be capable of being in a typical class but disruptive) and, in a shorter period of time than anyone thought possible, demonstrate their transition into willing non-disruptive students set on a road to excel.

I am not difficult to find: Dan@FundamentalHumanRights.Org

Easy for me to say, you might think, but I am willing to prove it. It is NOT just talk.

Education, the providing of valuable information, can produce a mighty and honorable people, but, just as surely, there are those who would keep the people ignorant.

Allowing young disruptive people to steal the education opportunity from others guarantees ignorance. It violates the FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT TO THE TRUTH of the disruptive and the non-disruptive, as well as their families and the community. Whether intentional or not, the result is the same.

Such flawed thinking, that keeps students from meeting their potential, transforms a nation once the envy of the World, into ignorant, immoral, dishonorable people no longer fit or able to lead. Such a nation needs no enemies, they will destroy themselves.

Real EDUCATION is not difficult when you have people who Love, Seek, and are willing to live by —the Truth.

ONLY HONORABLE PEOPLE CAN DO THIS. Let's become honorable again.

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