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The Original Oil Painting Humanity's Torch was created as a gift to the World's People. Why would the artist want everyone to jointly own this work? Can you really make it live, as he suggests? Can it help you and others make better decisions and have a better life? Can it help governments become better? Can it help prevent wars? You'll have to decide for yourself.

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Humanity's Torch


Image: Humanity's Torch  



I’ve wanted, for so long, to give you a gift;
But it had to be special, not just, give you a lift.
It had to have value, much more than the price,
And It had to have meaning, not simply be… nice.

To give something important, was the task, now at hand,
Something for everyone, no matter their land.

Something that was useful, that could be used every day,
But wouldn’t wear out, or ever go away;
Something that they, could give to a friend,
But wouldn’t be gone, so they could give it, again.

Something that would help them, have an easier life,
And would limit the peril, of the gun and the knife;
Something that could speak, regardless of their tongue,
Something as important to all, as to one.

When your heart isn’t tainted, with hatred, you see,
You’re able to think well, and those thoughts will be free;
The clouds in your mind will all disappear
And the decisions you make, won’t be, based on fear.

Your eyes will see clearer, if you’ll only persist,
With your tongue now connected, to your heart, not your fist.
With fear in the past, it quickly subsides,
And you won’t feel the need to run or to hide.

As you walk all alone, you’ll know in your heart,
The world is not one, it is made up of parts,
And the parts all have edges, that can crumble and break,
But with your new vision, you’ll consider their sake,
Not because of the hell, or the fuss that they’ll make,
But because, we also have edges, we hope, they won’t forsake.

Now that I’ve found the gift I should give,
It’s only a matter of making it live.

It’s just made of paint, and linen, it’s true,
But as it was painted, I was thinking of you.
Each brush stroke applied was done so with love,
And they flowed on the canvas, like the flight of a dove.

To give something important was the task, now in hand,
Something for everyone, no matter their land.
So, your gift is just a painting, it’s all I can give,
But every person who wishes, can now, make it live.

— Daniel Henry Devlin

 Now, if you have decided you would like a little help, here is just a little insight into Humanity's Torch. [I will, periodically, post additional information.]

Q: Why would anyone go to the trouble and expense of creating an original painting to give away to all the people of the world?

A: When anyone looks at enough problems facing individuals, communities, governments and people of various cultures and religions, careful examination reveals there are common reasons why most of these problems go unsolved. As one sees these common reasons, would that individual have any responsibility to inform others so they could better solve their problems? If this could help them, would it be right to keep this information to yourself?

The Artist believes each of us would have an obligation to share this information with everyone, if possible, so no one would have an unfair advantage. He realized, if everyday-people could see why their government officials were not solving the problems of the community, the people could insist that the proper steps would be taken and the right solutions were put into place?

As unlikely as it may seem, most of the problems facing us, at all levels, including wars, do have solutions that the average person can recognize if we focus on the fundamentals, the core of any particular problem. But when we are hindered from our effort to focus on the real substance of the problem at hand, it is difficult, and perhaps, impossible to find the most effective, correct, just and honorable solution. Therefore, to find that right solution we need to be able to shake-off those things that lead us away from the heart of the problem.

Can Humanity's Torch really help us do this? Persevere and you will see just how positively it can change your life and the lives of many others.

So, the Artist went about deciding just how to go about providing this vital information to people from various cultures, languages and beliefs.

Understanding, colors and shapes can go beyond our language barriers and, in some ways, can go directly to the mind, the heart and even the soul, the artist chose this path to speak directly to the World's People.

Q: How can colors and shapes accomplish this?

A: After you have glanced at Humanity's Torch for a while, without making a conscious effort to discover anything, see if your mind just notices anything that stands out. If it does, it will become obvious, then look at how different shapes and colors are connected. If nothing in particular stands out, glance away, then back again, and perhaps, do this again. No need to stare, there will be time for a more detailed examination later. For now, just glance, there is no rush. Go slow. Just let it happen.

Once you start to discover what is happening in this painting you will realize there is a lot going on here. You will be more satisfied if you take your time, even coming back to it over several days. There is no need to study it for long periods of time, at this point. If you try to rush it, you may just become frustrated. Don't beat yourself up over it if you are not discovering its message right away.

The last line of the poem says: "...every person who wishes, can, now, make it live." And this is a true statement. You can make it live. And it will serve you very well.

You may wish to explore Humanity's Torch with a friend or two or your spouse or children. It can be fun and interesting to observe how others see what is going on in the image.

You might be surprised to see what young people, even young children have to say about it. Just show it to them and see what they say. Ask them to explain what they see. You might be surprised.

Remember, it is about colors and shapes speaking the truth about our natural human inclinations, especially toward problem solving.

I will leave you there, for now, but remember, too, we human beings, often, will not be honest with ourselves. We won't even admit we know the right and just solutions to our problems. We must break through that natural human tendency (to engage in self-deception), if we are to see, clearly.

I know, this might sound mysterious or confusing at this point, but once you understand Humanity's Torch you will understand its value and you will enjoy watching others discover it on their own. You may not be able to resist trying to help them, but, resist giving them too much help too quickly.

Good Luck, for now. I'll be back.

Oh, near the bottom of this page you will find another valuable clue.



(This is an excerpt from the letter sent along with a Limited Edition Print of Humanity's Torch and the poem Your Gift to the World's People through Officials of every recognized Nation of the World in 1989.)

Humanity’s Torch is the title of an original oil painting which is my gift to every individual person who has lived or will live at any location throughout the world, between the dates of July 1st 1989 through February 12th 1990.

In addition, I hope you, as representative of your people, will accept this reproduction of the original painting. I wanted you to be among the first to have an opportunity to view this work. Although, slightly smaller and less vivid in color, this reproduction will serve to provide you with a reasonable likeness of the original. Of course, you are also one of the new owners of the original painting.

Humanity’s Torch does not contain any political or religious message. Its intent is not to convert, criticize or confuse. It is simply a painting that was created with all people in mind, regardless of nationality, religion or background. Therefore, I felt it was only proper that all the world’s people (with the exception of myself, of course) should share the ownership of the original painting. It is my hope that you will inform your people that each of them is now part owner of the original and that each may do as they wish with their particular share...

...As you have probably noticed, I have included a poem entitled Your Gift, which I have written to express some general thoughts regarding this work.

With sincere appreciation and great respect,

Daniel Henry Devlin

© Copyright 1989, 2012, 2013 Daniel Henry Devlin.
All rights Reserved.


As you view Humanity's Torch, if you haven't yet discover it, instead of focusing on the torch toward the center of the painting, glance at the background, first on the right side of the torch and the edge between the two. What do you see? Glance away, then look again. You should now begin to discover Humanity's Torch. Remember, a torch is used to light our way, to help us see what is before our eyes.



NOTICE: The original printing was printed on fine art paper. Now, canvas prints are being made available for those interested in obtaining a print of Humanity's Torch. A limited number will be available on a first come first served basis. So do not hesitate to contact us at: info@fundamentalhumanrights.org to request further information. Prints will be issued according to the date and time first requested.

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