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This site is about many Fundamental Human Rights, but REMEMBER:
Without understanding and focusing, primarily, on the MOST Fundamental of all human rights: the one, without which, we could have no other —THE RIGHT TO BE, we can never successfully protect and benefit from any other Fundamental Human Right at all.
So, please, make sure you go to THE RIGHT TO BE and THE RIGHT OF RIGHTS to understand and protect our MOST Fundamental Human Right TO BE.




The purpose of FundamentalHumanRights.Org is to promote a better awareness and new insight into our Fundamental Human Rights and encourage you to make a personal commitment to recognize, honor and defend all Fundamental Human Rights, for those who will recognize, honor and defend such rights for all innocent others.

YOU SHOULD NOTE: I did NOT say: to make a personal commitment to recognize, honor and defend all Fundamental Human Rights, for ALL others. This is because: There is NO requirement to recognize, honor and defend fundamental human rights for those who violate these rights of innocent others. Those who will NOT recognize, honor and defend Fundamental Human Rights for INNOCENT others cannot justly retain them for themselves. Instead, they forfeit their own rights because they violated the Fundamental Human Rights of innocent others.

If you didn't get that, STOP, and read it, slowly, again. It is vital to understand.

I said: The principle of Fundamental Human Rights demands that those who violate these important rights of innocent others FORFEIT their own rights.
If people continue to recognize, honor and defend the Fundamental Human Rights of those who will not do the same for innocent others, they, themselves, violate the principles of Fundamental Human Rights and voluntarily relinquish their own in the process. This is because they are encouraging continued violation which cannot be tolerated. That is the only penalty that will most successfully keep dishonorable people from violating the Fundamental Human Rights of innocent others. NOTHING LESS will do. I know it is severe, but this penalty is necessary to establish how seriously we take such violations. Anything less sends the message that we are NOT serious about preventing such grave violations.

It is always important to know about those from whom you might consider taking advice. Therefore, let's take a few moments to learn a little about the founder, main contributor and editor of FundamentalHumanRight.Org, Daniel Henry Devlin.


When did you become you? is a question Daniel "Dan" Henry Devlin often asks. When asked of individuals, the response is usually one of dumbfoundedness. So, when did you become you? Think about it for a moment, or longer.

The fact is: you are continually becoming you. Every minute of every day, you are becoming you. That is important to think about because thinking about that can help us see that we are in a constant process of becoming us. When we really understand this, we also understand the opportunity we constantly have to remake ourselves into what we choose to be.

There is another question that Dan also asks, which is: When did you FIRST become you? Of course, though related to the first, it is quite different, but we will cover that question in another section. Just give it some thought.

From a very early age, Dan looked at things differently than most. A keen observer, he recognized that the things that people complained about had obvious solutions. But because most people have clouded their own vision, they could not see the solution that was right before their eyes. [Of course, most people refuse to even consider this.]

Even worse, he observed that most people resist acknowledging even the things that they can see, and will even ridicule and persecute those who expose them. Why is this? Yes, there are obvious answers to this, as well. And this is why Daniel Henry Devlin paints, sculpts and writes about us —about the way we are and about our Fundamental Human Rights. And this is why he founded FundamentalHumanRights.Org —to encourage us to see more clearly, even if we prefer not to, because when each of us is faced with injustice, we all want others to be able to see more clearly. And, of course, when others face injustice, they need us, also, to see more clearly.

Of course this fundamental principle is based on treating others as you wish to be treated. but, to do this, we must take the time to carefully consider how our actions and words effect others. we need to think about how we want others to treat us and be willing to treat others the same.

The world is changed, for better or worse, by the way people treat others. Our future is dependant upon how we think we should treat others and how we want others to treat us. This is so important and fundamental that this is the essential focus which caused Daniel Henry Devlin to create FundamentalHumanRights.Org?


AS EARLY AS ELEMENTRY SCHOOL, when seeing some students "picking on" others, or watching a teacher punish one student while almost ignoring the poor behavior of others, From that point on, I learned that only a sincere commitment to careful observation would reveal why such injustices took place. Little did I know at that point how much that commitment would guide my life.

As a United States Army Combat Veteran and long time Lawman, I have lived by the idea that rights are not possible without responsibility. While elementary school, high school and college all provided valuable information, military and law enforcement experiences provided an insight into human behavior that is likely available nowhere else.

As a U.S. Patent holding inventor, an author of fiction and non-fiction books on personal responsibility, a book of poetry, and a three act play about our human inclination toward addictions, and as an artist working predominantly in oil, acrylic, and bronze, with artwork in over one hundred countries, and as a Singer/Songwriter of songs that speak of lives dependant upon one another, I've tried to walk-the-walk of our individual responsibility. While facing extremes in human behavior, close observation allowed me to see, in virtually all situations, we all want others to care about us and want others to help us when we are in trouble. Seems obvious, doesn't it? But most of us want this for ourselves but don't really consider that other people want exactly the same thing.

As a Manufacturer and Businessman, my products have been distributed nationwide and beyond, with national publications rating many of those products as some of the best in the industry. From product creation to final distribution, I am a believer in the America Business Model that rewards innovation and hard work.

With a broad exposure to the positive and negative sides of human behavior, and a life-long commitment to seeking the truth of matters, and with a willingness to insert myself into areas where most men would hesitate, I feel compelled to speak about the lessons I've learned. As you know, life can be quite difficult. I believe we all need to do what we can to help reduce the pain and suffering that life often brings. Instead, we should strive to bring joy and happiness whenever possible. With this commitment, I'd like to offer you this opportunity to explore this important site: FundamentalHumanRights.Org. With this information, I know you can change your life and the lives of others in a very positive way.

Through these beliefs and somewhat broad experience, I've concluded (and I think you will agree), we all, in some way, can help bring about a more understanding and responsible society. We all want others to care about us, but the biggest question for us is, will we treat others as we wish to be treated?

I hope you will make this site a regular stop —Dan


The internet is a wonderful invention of many dedicated people who have helped provide an opportunity for us to share our ideas and beliefs with people across the globe. Of course, as with anything else, it can be used for good and bad. It would be a shame and irresponsible if we didn't use it to provide the best information possible so we can all become better people.

So, with thanks to all who helped make this possible, I welcome this opportunity to speak to you directly about how we can make the world better for us all.

I've always believed we are the product of our own decisions. If we make decisions with our eyes opened to the truth, we'll make the best decisions that will help us lead a more honorable life. The earlier we understand the importance of each decision we make, the quicker we'll begin to make better decisions.

About the age of twelve, I made a personal commitment to God that if God would allow me to see the truth of matters I would commit my life to do all I could to use that truth to help solve the common problems facing us all. Being raised by a father who was a police officer, at an early age I was told that when people do wrong, they are punished, sometimes, by having to go to jail where they learn the lesson that doing wrong does not pay. As a result, they change their ways and stop hurting themselves and others.

By age twelve I could see the reality was that those who hurt themselves and others (by doing wrong) were not effectively punished by the system my father served, and when they were punished, they seldom learned the lesson society claimed to be teaching. So, I asked, "Why is this?" "How can society work more effectively?"

I recognized that the pain and suffering of people is most often the consequence of bad behavior. Of course, you know that, but if we know that: why does the bad behavior continue? Especially with a system in place to punish the wrongdoers, why does the behavior that hurts us all continue? Without a dedicated effort to find out the answers to these questions, bad behavior will continue to increase. Wars and crimes against innocent people are the result of our failure to use the absolute truth in our efforts to find and implement the right and just solutions.

Though I created this site in an effort to better secure our fundamental human rights, if I can't convince you that it is in your best interest, and your moral responsibility to help secure those rights, there will be no positive change in our behavior and violations of our fundamental human rights will become more and more commonplace.

So, in order to remind us about the importance and rewards of spending a little time to see more clearly, I created the painting Humanity's Torch to serve as a graphic reminder of the importance of learning how to successfully see the most fundamental truths that are right before our eyes —and also see the consequences of refusing to do so. And that is exactly what this site is about. When you first view Humanity's Torch you will see one thing, but, like much of life, once you understand it better, you will never see it the same way, again. Like life, Humanity's Torch will allow us to gain new insight, and, thereby, help us and others have a better life. But it is always up to us, to decide whether we are willing to spend that time to discover these truths. Then, it is up to us to determine how we will use that new insight.

Yes, it always requires some work to uncover the truth needed to successfully solve the problems facing us and mankind. But, if our goal is to find the right and just solutions to our problems: that work must be done and, only then, can it produce the correct results.

Unfortunately, we haven't done a good job of encouraging people to love and thirst for the truth.

Instead, we've shown them ways to escape the penalty for wrongdoing, and, thereby, we have encouraged people to deny the truth.

That is why this site is important. The truth of matters is normally not all that difficult to find, if we have a desire to actually find it, but we need to learn how and where to find it. Like a search for gold, if we know where to look and how to remove it, it enriches us. If, however, we haven't seriously searched for it before and are not willing to learn from others who have successfully found it, no matter how sincere and dedicated our effort, it is unlikely we will ever find it. This is even more so the case with matters involving moral issues and issues of principle. There is no getting around it, we are often much more comfortable not dealing with such issues, rather than having to search the very spirit of our soul, knowing that coming to the truth may require facing what we have been doing wrong.

So, not only do we need to pursue the truth but must encourage others to pursue the truth so they understand why they must help protect our rights. If you care about your Fundamental Human Rights, this site should be important to you, but, hopefully, you also realize how important it is for you to introduce this site to others.

The things we deal with on this site can be among the most controversial with very strong feelings on all side of these issues. Many people choose not to give them much thought or at least keep their views to themselves. It's hard to blame them for not wanting to discuss these matters, but when people wish to benefit from certain rights they cannot allow those rights to be unjustly denied to innocent others. An honest understanding of what is necessary to secure these rights demands that all who wish to possess them must understand they must protect them for themselves AND INNOCENT OTHERS. And, we cannot protect these rights if we refuse to learn about them and talk about them.

Sure, I'd rather go fishing, but I've created this site because I, too, wish to have the benefits Fundamental Human Rights provide. So, I really have no choice but to help others recognize, honor and defend Fundamental Human Rights for us all. It is just a simple fact: If we wish to possess particular rights we have to recognize, honor and defend them for ourselves and others.

I thank you for persevering and may God bless you and your family for pursuing the truth. For, I believe it really is the truth that will set us free.

With that early recognition that right and just solutions can only be seen if we value and are willing to see and live by the truth, it is that truth that guides my life and this site.

It is not always easy to look for, and at, the truth. Even here, that is so, but for those with the courage to persevere to reach it, you, too, will find: it really is the only thing that can set us free.

That early commitment in life caused me to set out on a quest for that truth, and resulted in a life of service to others, in an effort to have us see clearly how and why we treat others the way we do, and how our behavior needs to change to more fairly and justly relieve the pain, suffering and injustice all around us. I recognize the gifts God has given us are opportunities for us to make our world a better place, and, more importantly, make us better people.

You won't find me saying I am particularly good at many of the things I've attempted to do in my life, but I try to do my best. Many of you have written poetry or pros that could be published. Many of you have artistic capabilities far beyond mine. Many of you have created successful businesses or have designed something or had an idea to create something. So, the things I have mentioned doing here are not that unusual. But it is important to see that many of us have capabilities that are not meant just for ourselves, but can be used to help us all become better people. What we share is an obligation to use those capabilities to benefit the greatest number of people possible. The World needs your contributions.

As a way of showing we are much more than we normally think, when presenting classes on various subjects, I often ask the audience how many of them are teachers. A certain percentage will raise their hands, then, I ask how many are students and some raising their hands. Then, I say I am confused, because I thought they were just like me and I learn something every day and other people learn from what I do every day. I go on to say the youngest of us, even your child or little brother or sister do things that we learn from, and others learn from us, every day. That means each of us is a student and a teacher every day of our life, even if we don't choose to be.

Why do I go to this length? If we understand this, we see our life differently. We can see a life of opportunity and a life of example to others. This is a simple truth, like most, but a truth that most have never really considered. Hopefully, this will cause us to hold ourselves more responsible for our behavior. Having read this, I hope you will keep this in mind as you go about the things you do each day. If you do, you will be helping to begin the changes we need to make within ourselves, in order to make us a better people and society.

What does all this have to do with this site? Before we can do anything about protecting our rights, we have to care enough to see our need and potential for becoming more responsible human beings.

You are an important part of our future, and I hope you will join us in our effort to bring about an awareness of the need, and ways, to protect our Fundamental Human Rights.

By encouraging others to visit this site, you are already beginning to be a more responsible member of our society, and I thank you for that.

Thanks for stopping by,

Don't forget to drop us a note to let us know you are there. Your input is valued.

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